The First Gentleman (Affairs of a Rogue) (1948)




Director:     Alberto Cavalcati.

Starring:     Jean-Pierre Aumont (Prince Leopold),  Joan Hopkins (Princess Charlotte),  Cecil Parker (The Prince Regent),  Margaretta Scott (Lady Hartford),  Jack Livesey (Edward),  Ronald Squire (Mr. Brougham),  Athene Seyler (Miss Knight),  Anthony Hawtrey (Sir Richard Croft),  Hugh Griffith (Bishop of Salisbury),  Gerard Heinz (Dr. Stockmar),  George Curzon (Duke of York),  Betty Huntley-Wright (Princess Elizabeth),  Tom Gill (Prince William),  Lydia Sherwood (Princess Augusta),  Frances Waring (Queen Charlotte). 

romance between the future King Leopold I of Belgium & the daughter of the Prince of Wales (later George IV), Princess Charlotte




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