Drake of England (or Elizabeth of England)  (1935) 




Director:     Arthur B. Woods

Starring:     Matheson Lang, (Drake),  Athene Seyler (Elizabeth),  Jane Baxter (Elizabeth Sydenham),  Henry Mollison (John Doughty),  Ben Webster (Lord Burghley),  Donald Wolfit (Thomas Doughty),  George Merritt (Tom Moore),  Amy Veness (Mother Moore),  Sam Livesey (Sir George Sydenham),  Margaret Halstan (Lady Sydenham),  Charles Quatermaine (Parson Fletcher), Allan Jeayes (Don Bernardino), Gibb McLaughlin (Don Enriquez), Helen Haye (Lady Lennox), Moore Marriott (Bright).

 privateer Sir Francis Drake brings lots of money into England; culminates with 1588 destruction of the Spanish Armada. There is the obligatory love story between Drake and one of Elizabeth's ladies-in-waiting, Elizabeth Sydenham (Jane Baxter)



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Historical Background:


See The Sea Hawks for historical background.






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