Dixie (1943)





Director:     A. Edward Sutherland

Starring:     Bing Crosby (Daniel Decatur Emmett), Dorothy Lamour (Millie Cook), Billy De Wolfe (Mr. Bones), Marjorie Reynolds (Jean Mason), Lynne Overman (Mr. Whitlock), Eddie Foy Jr. (Mr. Felham), Raymond Walburn (Mr. Cook), Grant Mitchell (Mr. Mason), Clara Blandick (Mrs. Mason), Tom Herbert (Homer), Olin Howland (Mr. Deveraux), Robert Warwick (Mr. LaPlant), Fortunio Bonanova (Waiter), Brandon Hurst (Dignified Man in Audience).

This is the biography of the man, Dan Emmett, who wrote the song "Dixie."  There is an historical plague in downtown Montgomery, Alabama marking the main street where "Dixie" was first played by a band in the South in its form that made it the anthem of the Confederacy.



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Historical Background:


1815  -- born Daniel Decatur Emmett, Oct. 29, Mount Vernon, Ohio, U.S., the son of a blacksmith.

1832 --  joins the army at age 17 as a fifer.

1935  -- is discharged from the army; plays the drum in traveling circus bands (as well as being able to perform on the violin and flute, and sing.

1843  --  in New York City he and three co-performers organize the Virginia Minstrels, a troupe that competes with the Christy Minstrels for recognition as the earliest minstrel show troupe.

1858 --  joins the Bryant Minstrels.

1859  -- writes the song "Dixie" as a "walk-around," (a concluding number for a minstrel show). It attains national popularity.

1861-1865  -- becomes the unofficial national anthem of the Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War and the South thereafter.

1888  -- Emmett retires.

1895  -- tours with A.G. Field's minstrel troupe.

1904  -- dies, June 28, Mount Vernon.


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