Dances with Wolves (1990)




Director:  Kevin Costner.

Cast:  Kevin Costner (Lt. John W. Dunbar), Mary McDonnell (Stands with a Fist), Graham Greene (Kicking Bird), Rodney A. Grant (Wind in his Hair), Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Chief Ten Bears), Tantoo Cardinal (Black Shawl), Robert Pastorelli (Timmons), Charles Rocket (Lt. Elgin), Maury Chaykin (Maj. Fambrough), Jimmy Herman (Stone Calf), Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse (Smiles a Lot), Michael Spears (Otter), Jason R. Lone Hill (Worm), Tony Pierce (Spivey), Doris Leader Charge (Pretty Shield), Tom Everett (Sgt. Pepper), Larry Joshua (Sgt. Bauer), Kirk Baltz (Edwards), Wayne Grace (Major), Donald Horton (General Tide), Annie Costner (Christine), Conor Duffy (Willie), Elisa Daniel (Christine's Mother).

Oscars: Best Picture, Director (Kevin Costner), Sound, Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Film Editing, Original Score.


Great film with a very sympathetic portrayal of the plains Indians of the Sioux tribe.  The film is sympathetic enough to the plight of the native Americans that the Sioux made Costner a full tribal member.




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