Comanche Moon (2008)



Director:     Simon Wincer.

Starring:     Steve Zahn (Gus McCrae), Ryan Merriman ( Jake Spoon), Keith Robinson (Joshua Deets), Wes Studi (Buffalo Hump), Adam Beach (Blue Duck), James Rebhorn (Gov. Elisha Pease), Melanie Lynskey (Pearl Coleman), Rachel Griffiths (Inez Scull), Troy Baker (Pea Eye Parker), David Midthunder (Famous Shoes), Arron Shiver (Stove Jones), Toby Metcalf (Ranger Lee Hitch), Steve Reevis (Worm), Wally Welch (Ranger Ikey Ripple), Elizabeth Banks (Maggie), Linda Cardellini (Clara Forsythe), Val Kilmer (Inish Scull), Karl Urban (Woodrow F. Call), Ray McKinnon (Bill Coleman), Sal Lopez (Ahumado), Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman (First Old Comanche), Kristine Sutherland (Elmira Forsythe), Josh Berry (Bob Allen), Bill Flynn (Old Ben Mickelson),  Brady Coleman (Mr. Forsythe), Savion Rose (Felice), Grover Coulson (Bingham), Jonathan Joss (Kicking Wolf), Tatanka Means (Slipping Weasel). Scotty Augare (Straight Elbow), Rod Rondeaux (SlowTree), Fredrick Lopez (Goyeto), Jack Burning (Second Old Comanche), Geraldine Keams (Hema), Jake Busey (Tudwal), Jeremy Ratchford (Charlie Goodnight), August Schellenberg (Idahi), Norbert Leo Butz (Capt. Richard King), Zahn McClarnon (Ermoke), Joseph Castanon (Newt), Indira Varma (Therese Wanz), Brett Brock (Joe Stewart), Mary Evans (Annie Stewart), Gene Ray Price (Aunt Jessie), Bobby McLaughlin (Corporal Dickas), Aldred Montoya (Three Birds), Alan Tafoya (Peta Nacona), Buck Taylor (Ben Lily), Dylan Kenin (Denton Fogg), J.D. Garfield (Entwistle), Bill Poague (Xavier Wans), Tone Forrest (Black Carpenter), Brad Johnson (Col. Tom Soult), Brad Leland ( Militia Commander'), Charles Baker (Monkey John), Boots Southerland (Sheriff Kestler), Anthony Parker (Quick Antalope), Chris Burnett (Augereau), Eddie Spears (Quanah Parker), Rodney Smith (Tana), Jessica Robertson (Maudie Clark), Ramon Frank (Jimmy Watson),Barbara Bartleson (Buffalo Hump Woman), Jeremy Burnell (Austin Towns Worker), Jack Caffrey (Old Farmer), Scott Flick (Austin Man), Robert Nathan Gleason (Governor Candidate), Tom B. Gleason (Lt. Governor Candidate), Cynthia Marie Hruschka (Town's Person), Bryan Lane (Ranger Finch), Benjamin Lax (Austin Man), Nathon S. Lewis (Teddy), Christine Summer Lopez (Clara's daughter), Sarah Majors (Clara's daughter), Peggy Ann O'Neal (Austin woman), Chuck Paul ( E.M. Chase - Butcher), Jonathan Scorza (Ranger Neely Dickens), J. Nathan Simmons (The Undertaker), T.A. Taylor (Major Featherstonaugh).

Gus & Woodrow as Texas rangers fighting the Comanches during days of the Texas Republic; 1840s; Lone Dove mini-series


Part 1. 

The Comanche and the whites have been at war since the early 1800s. The Texas Rangers were formed as a volunteer troop in order to contain the Comanche.

Northwest Texas, 1858. Itís snowing and the Rangers are on the move. The leader is Inish Scull. Rangers Gus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call are good friends. One of the other rangers is Long Bill Coleman.

They see a Comanche village below them. That village is peaceful. Its leader is the older Chief Buffalo Hump. The village that he wants to hit is that of the leader, horse-stealing Kicking Wolf.

The hot-headed Blue Duck, the alienated son of Buffalo Hump, watches the Rangers pass by. The Rangers make camp for the night. Woodrow tells Gus that he ainít going to get married unless he drops that girl Clara, because Clara is never going to marry Gus. Gus says Woodrow doesnít understand women. Everyday they change their minds.

Blue Duck reports to his father that Call and McCrae are with Big Horse Scull. They are chasing Kicking Wolf.  Buffalo Hump says that Call killed Blue Duckís brother and so he gives Call to Blue Duck to kill.

In the morning Blue Duck tries to shoot Call, but Call wounds Blue Duck. Call yells for help from Gus. Scull on his horse gives chase to Blue Duck, but Blue Duck makes it to the cliff and rolls down the side. Half way down the cliff, he stands up an gives out with a warrior cry.

Scull tells Gus and Woodrow that he means to wipe out all the Comanche, but then he will miss them for they are the best fighting men he has ever faced. He adds that a real fighting man like him needs other real fighting men to fight.

Austin, Texas. Maggie comes into the Forsytheís store and Clara greets her and introduces Maggie to her mother. Mrs. Scull comes into the store and sees Clara laying out Staffordshire dining ware. She immediately tells Clara that she will buy all 100 pieces. The Mrs. says she has to run a mansion, after all.

Out on the prairie, the Ranger scout Famous Shoes comes running up to the Rangers to tell them about the site where Kicking Wolf just butchered some stolen horses. Scull rushes to go see the site. The other Rangers talk to Famous Shoes. The scout says heís going to go see his grandmother who may want to tell him a few more stories before she dies. Woodrow asks how are they going to catch Kicking Wolf without their scout? Famous Shoes tells Woodrow not to worry about it, because Scull will never catch Kicking Wolf, the best horse-thief in the world. "Scull might as well go home."

Scull Mansion, Austin, Texas. Ranger Jake Spoon is told by the butler that Mrs. Scull wants Jake upstairs with her. She needs his help with the drapes. The truth is that Mrs. Scull just wants Jake as her sexual toy. She takes him into her room and closes the door.

Blue Duck has captured Famous Shoes and brought him into see Buffalo Hump, who tells his son that Famous Shoes is under his protection. The Chief asks his son why did he interfere with this man? Blue Duck answers that Famous Shoes is a stinking Kickapoo and he led the Rangers right to them.

Kicking Wolf wants to steal Scullís Buffalo Horse because it's "the most famous horse in the world". Famous Shoes runs up to the Rangers to tell them that Kicking Wolf and Three Birds are following them. Gus says letís go get Ďem, but Famous Shoes says theyíll never catch Kicking Wolf. Their horses are better.

Kicking Wolf waits for a chance to steal Scullís horse. He tells his buddy that the whites are weak and careless with their horses.

In the morning, Scull confronts the two night guards, who both fell asleep. He says it was sheer genius on the part of Kicking Wolf to steal the Captainís horse, Hector. So now Famous Shoes and the Captain are going to track down the horse thieves. Scull tells al the men to go back home to Austin. He makes Gus and Woodrow co-captains.

The problem is that Gus and Woodrow donít know which way to go. Gus says they should go by the Red River. Woodrow says he was thinking that way too.

After three weeks with Mrs. Scull, Jake is fired. The butler now tells Jake to be gone or heíll have to call the sheriff. Jake goes outside and sits on the porch steps. He talks with the slave girl. Inez Scull sees him there and chases him off by shooting near his feet.

Jake comes to see Maggie. He says heís got money and heís ready. Sheís slow about coming over to him and when she does he slaps her. Jake lays down on the bed but falls asleep.

The Rangers find a destroyed Conestoga Wagon and the bodies of the dead men. The Comanche took the woman.

A Comanche is going to kill the white woman as her two girls watch. He is about to strike a death blow, when he is shot by a Ranger. The Rangers kill all four of the Comanche.

The woman cries saying her John wonít have her anymore. She runs away from the group. Deets, the black cook, runs after her. Long Bill Coleman says that the woman is right. After the Comanche have had her, no one will want her anymore.

Deets catches up with the woman. She says she canít go back. Deets tells her that her little girls need her. He keeps encouraging her until she goes back with him.

There is a real bad bandito that raids into Texas from Mexico. His name is Ahumado. Kicking Wolf plans to sell Buffalo Horse to him. Three Birds says that Ahumado usually doesnít keep his bargains. This doesnít discourage Kicking Wolf.

Yellow Cliffs, Northern Mexico.  The bandito Goyeto is skinning an Indian. Ahumado is eating cooked insects. A scout comes in to tells Ahumado that Kicking Horse has stolen Captain Scullís horse and is bringing the horse here. And the best part is that Captain Scull is coming here with that Comanche tracker Famous Shoes.

Clara combs her hair as she stares at a photo of Gus. The Rangers now return to Austin. The first thing Gus does is to go see Clara. Clara, however, is not in. He goes outside. He then sees Clara coming in with a man in a carriage. He gets so flustered that he mounts his horse backwards. Everyone around him starts laughing at him. Gus goes into the saloon to get away from the laughter.

Scull and Famous Shoes reach the Rio Grande. Famous Shoes is not going to go after Ahumado. So Scull has to cross over into Mexico himself.

The Governorís carriage driver comes into the saloon and tells Gus that the Governor wants to see him. Gus goes with him and sits besides Woodrow in the carriage. Woodrow is surprised that Gus hasnít said hello to Clara yet. Gus says he saw Clara with that horse trader Bob Allen, who has always been after Clara. Woodrow calls Gus a fool because the man she was with is her uncle from Galveston on a visit.

So Gus jumps out of the carriage and rushes into Claraís store. The two hug and kiss each other. Then Gus has to break away and go see the Governor.

The Governor tells the two captains that they have thousands of hostile Comanche to contend with, and, moreover, they have the Mexicans to the south who donít care for Texans. On the other hand, they got worse problems because here comes Inez Scull to demand to know where her husband is.

Inez is very angry that her husband didnít come home. She says her husband didnít come home just to spite her. She also yells at Gus for slouching and being un-barbered, but just before leaving she tells Gus to come over to her house. Gus asks what about Woodrow? Inez comments about Woodrow: "Too stiff."

Scull sees a horse slowly dragging a man along the ground behind him. He stops the horse and sees the man is Kicking Wolf. He has blood on his face. Scull cuts him loose and then restarts his walking to get his horse back.

Ahumado is going to put Three Birds in one of his cages suspended over a cliff, but Three Birds just throws himself off the cliff to his death.

Woodrow has dinner with Maggie. She tells him that sheís going to have a baby and itís Woodrowís baby. Woodrow says that is news. He doesnít seem very pleased.

Clara likes to tease Gus. She says that Gus couldnít defeat Bob Allen in a fight. This makes Gus mad at Clara and he leaves to go to the saloon.

Claraís mother says Gus isnĎt the marrying kind, but Bob Allen is.

Ahumadoís men capture Scull. They take him over to an area where the Mexicans are eating Hector. Scull, at least on the outside, takes it pretty well. He asks to have a bit of the horse meat. They throw him up a piece and he eats it.

They are going to put Scull in a cage, but he grabs the gun of one of the men and shoots him down. He gets on a horse but a man uses a bolo to wrap around the horseís back legs and it goes down. Scull shoots two more men until many others are able to overwhelm him. Now heís put in a cage and suspended over the side of the cliff.

The governor wants to see Gus and Woodrow again. They come riding into Austin. Clara stops Gus to talk with him. She asks him if he isnít going to speak with her? He backs up his horse. They mend fences and Clara says she will see Gus tonight.

The Governor tells the guys that political pressure is being put upon him to rescue Captain Scull. In the middle of this, Inezís butler comes over to Gus and gives him a note. Inez requests Gus visit here at tea time today at 4 p.m.

The Governor grabs the note from Gus and reads it. He then writes Inez a note saying Gus wonít be there and gives it to her butler. He wants the guys to find out if Captain Scull can be ransomed back. Woodrow says they will leave tomorrow.

Scull sings melodies in German to pass the time. He also tries to catch pigeons flying by his cage.

Woodrow and Maggie are sleeping soundly. She awakens and tells Woodrow that she wishes he didnít have to go. Clara wants Gus to give up the Texas Rangers and take another profession. She says she canít take all this leaving. Sheís a woman who doesnít like living alone.

Early in the morning, the Texas Rangers leave Austin.

In Austin Clara speaks with Bob Allen for a little while.

At Buffalo Humpís camp, the warriors paint their faces and their horses. They are readying for battle. Buffalo Hump says they will raid down the Brazos River and kill the white settlers there. Slow Tree can take the Prairie Dog Fork. Buffalo Hump will take the Clear Fork. Slipping Weals will take the Double Mountain Fork. They will then meet near the town of Scull and Call (Austin, Texas). "We will burn it down."

Buffalo Hump talks about not being able to trust the whites. He reminds the Comanche of the Great Council Fight where most of the chiefs were killed by the whites. The Texans surrounded the big tent and fired into it to kill the Comanche chiefs.

With this the Comanche start off to battle.


Part 2. 

They meet outside Austin and then attack. They start killing everyone in sight. They take some women with them. Pearl, the wife of Long Bill Coleman, gets raped in the street. The Comanche leave.

Mrs. Forsythe is dead.

The Rangers are bunked down for the night. The next day they learn from a bear hunter of the Comanche raid on Austin. The Rangers decide to head back immediately for Austin.

Yellow Cliffs, Northern Mexico. Ahumado has now put Scull in his rattlesnake pit.

Galveston Harbor. Bob Allen tells Clara that Buffalo Hump raided Austin and the Forsytheís Store was burned down. Her mother and father are dead. Captain McCrae is still alive as he was away from Austin.

Bob Allen asks Clara to let him take her to Nebraska where sheíll be safe. She says she needs time to decide that, but he will get his answer before another year passes by.

Goyeto keeps harassing Scull until Scull grabs a rattlesnake and throws it up to Goyeto. The snake bites him in the throat. The man dies.

At night, Coleman leaves to get home to Austin quicker. He finds that Pearl is still alive. She says the Comanche raped her and she lost her baby. "So, Iím ruined now, Billy. I canít be a wife to you no more."

At night Bill comes into the house. Pearl says Bill could be a preacher, as the preacher and his wife were killed in the raid. Bill says he doesnít know how to do anything but rangering.

Coming into Austin the rangers go by the cemetery and read the names of the recently killed. Long Bill has just hanged himself. All the men and, of course, Pearl are very upset. Maggie rushes over to Pearl and they hug each other.

The Governor talks with Woodward and Gus again. Ahumado has demanded 1,000 head of cattle for Captain Scull. He wants the two Ranger captains to talk to the ranchers of South Texas to yield up the cattle on credit and thatís going to be a hard task.

Inez asks Gus to come over and help her butler move a bureau for her. Gus comes over and helps move the bureau and then Inez dismisses the butler from the room.

Inez says to Gus that his Clara has gone off with Bob Allen, but she is here for Gus.

A burial is held for Long Bill Coleman. After the ceremony, Gus goes to "poke" Inez again.

Gus urges Woodward to marry Maggie in spite of Woodwardís doubts about the babyís paternity.

Blue Duck stole Inezís black maid. His father is mad at him again. He tells him that yesterday Blue Duck killed a horse that didnít belong to him. And he beat the young black girl. Buffalo Hump sums it up by saying that Blue Duck just causes too much trouble for the tribe and he wants his son to leave. He adds if his son sticks around here his father may lose his patience with him and kill him.  With a small group, Blue Duck leaves the band.

Clara talks with her Aunt Jessie about Bob Allen. She says she wishes she could have just one more visit from Gus and then she might be willing to settle down with Bob.

The Rangers are on the move again. They are attacked literally by two steers. The first one gores one of their horses. They shoot the steer down. Another steer attacks and the men waste no time in filling it with bullets.

The Rangers go to talk with a rancher, but he absolutely refuses to sell his cattle on credit to the state of Texas. He does tell the Rangers to go and speak to the biggest rancher in Texas: Richard King. He says they can find King down by the small town of Lonesome Dove.

They find Dick and he too is not interested in selling his cattle on credit to the state of Texas. Woodrow shows him the letter from the Governor, but Dick takes it and then lets the wind blow it out of his hand. Woodrow has to lean over and pick up the letter out of the river.

The Rangers now go down to the town of Lonesome Dove. The two owners, a French man and a woman, have a bar set up on a platform, but thatís about it. The woman is very pretty and the guys want to stop for some whiskey.

The woman is also a barber and she proceeds to give the men hair cuts. After the hair cuts, Dick King shows up at the bar. He has some drinks with Gus and Woodrow.

Is Scull starting to lose his mind? He is talking to himself more and more these days.

Gus says he might one day quit the Rangers and settle down in Lonesome Dove. Gus also has another idea. Why donít Woodrow and he go after Captain Scull themselves without the rest of the other Rangers?

The two men sneak out at night, accompanied by Famous Shoes. They tell Deets to be in charge and get the boys back to Austin.

Buffalo Hump and many of the people of his band are ill. He even loses one of his wives.

A poison spider bites Ahumado. The medicine woman says she cannot cure him. Ahumado says he knows that already. Knowing that he is going to die, Ahumado throws down his knife to Scull.

Gus complains to Woodrow that he just doesnít talk enough to keep him (Gus) from thinking about unpleasant things.

Ahumado climbs up the cliff face to get to the top. He starts waling away from the encampment. The medicine woman tells Scull that Ahumado has gone away. The man is heading south.

Woodrow and Gus get word from Famous Shoes that everyone is leaving Yellow Cliffs.

The medicine woman gets a rope for Scull but a jaguar kills her. A parrot keeps attacking Ahumado until the man falls off the cliffs.

The Rangers return to Austin. Clara asks about her Gus and Deets says heís fine. Then Clara goes to speak with Maggie and tries to cheer her up.

Famous Shoes finds the dead body of Ahumado. Then they find the body of the medicine woman. And, finally, they find Scull in his pit. They were tipped off by the Captainís singing.

The guys think Scull has lost his mind, always talking to himself.

Maggie is having her baby. Pearl and Clara help her. The baby is a boy.

On the way back to Austin, the guys run into Dick King again. King says heíll see the fellows back in Lonesome Dove. The guys return to Lonesome Dove and the pretty French woman.

Scull suspects that Gus has diddled with his wife because he says he has a guilty look about him. He also says that Dick King better think again if heís thinking about grabbing Gus and Woodrow from the state of Texas. There is soon to be a civil war in the United States and Texas is going to need all the Texas Rangers they can hold on to.

Maggie tells Clara that she has named her boy Newton or Newt for short.

Buffalo Humpís village is virtually deserted. Two old men say cholera struck the village and now there are very few of the People left.

Buffalo Hump is scouting for buffalo. He finds a few buffalo. He chases after the buffalo and throws a lance into one of them.

Here come Gus, Woodrow and Scull into Austin. Clara is at the graves of her parents. She is so happy to see Gus. That really brightens Gusís day.  Gus thinks she married Bob Allen.

Scull says that he suspects Gus had a little fling with his wife. Thatís Inezís usual way of operating. Now Clara really gets mad at Gus. She kisses him, but then leaves him.

When Gus sees Inez, heís so mad at her, that he socks her in the face and knocks her down.


Part 3. 

Seven years later.  1865. 

Woodrow comes to see Gus.  He says that he's sorry about the death of his wife Nell.  They hear gunfire and Gus asks why?  Woodrow says the Civil War is over.  Lee surrendered to Grant.  Gus says he wasn't hardly married for a year. 

The guys stayed in Texas to help control the Comanche.  Woodrow now tells Gus that the Governor wants to see them.  The two guys start walking.  Woodrow sees Maggie who now works as a clerk in a general store. 

Scull lives up in Boston, Massachusetts.  He loses his butler because the mistress of the house made a licentious suggestion to him this morning.  Inez comes in to ask her husband what's gotten into their butler?  He says Inez made a proposition to the butler, who promptly declined her offer.  Inez says yes and that the man is a prude.  Scull points his pistol at her.  She laughs asking since when has it been grounds for murder to ask a butler for intercourse?   Scull says the proposition itself is not grounds for murder, but forcing a butler from his position with the family is a murdering offense. 

The Governor tells the two rangers that the Yankees may take over the fighting of the Comanche from the rangers?  They will just have to wait and see. 

Pearl Coleman fixes dinner for Maggie, Woodrow and Newt.  Newt says that Jake comes over for dinner a lot.  Maggie says Jake has been helping her put in a better garden. Woodrow gives Newt a coin for helping his mother carry the groceries. 

A Yankee Major comes to see Woodrow.  He wants Woodrow and Gus to help him find some good scouts.  Woodrow says that Gus just buried his wife yesterday and he had to go off for a ride.  The Major is perturbed that Gus went off on a ride.  He says he buried a wife but he never left his post.  He says he has heard that the Comanche have completely gotten out of hand during the Civil War.  Woodrow tells him that the Comanche are always out of hand.  The Major wants Woodrow to find the scouts and find Gus and be ready to ride to show the Comanche a thing or two in about two weeks, as the cavalry filters into Austin.  Woodrow says okay. 

Woodrow and a young ranger named Parker go to Famous Shoe's house to ask his help in finding Gus.  Famous Shoes says Captain McCrae was just here at his place this morning.  Woodrow tells Parker to go with Famous Shoes to find Gus and tell Gus that he's needed on a pressing matter. 

Clara is now married to Bob Allen and has two little girls.  She writes to Gus to express her condolences for the lost of his wife Nellie.  She adds that her girls would like to meet Gus sometime.  Then she wads up the letter.

Gus sleeps under a tree dreaming of Clara.  Charles Goodnight comes over and wakes him up.  He has some coffee and asks for some bacon.  Goodnight says soon he will be getting into the cattle business.  From Goodnight, Gus learns that Matty's been dying up in Colorado.  Meanwhile, Famous Shoes and Parker are busy tracking Gus.  At camp at night Famous Shoe says he knows already where Gus is going.  He's going to the place where Buffalo Hump almost killed him when he was very young. 

The next day they find Gus.  He says he's been thinking about the people he knew who have since died.  Famous Shoes tells him that Buffalo Hump is no longer the leader.  Peta Nocona (aka Quanah Parker) is the leader now.  Gus remarks whoever is the leader will have to contend with the Yankee army now.  He thinks the Comanche will last only another five years. 

Back in Austin Gus puts some flowers on Nellie's grave.  Then he returns to the ranger bunkhouse. 

Woodrow talks to Gus about seeing Jake come out of Maggie's house.  He asks if Gus thinks Jake would try to compromise Maggie?  Gus slaps his knee and says:  "Jake's been bunkin' with Maggie for at least a year now, Woodrow.  How you have managed to miss it this long is a question for the wise men."  Yes, it's all just murky to Woodrow. 

Woodrow has dinner again with Maggie and Newt and he asks Maggie why does she let Jake stay here with her?  She answers:  "I ain't a stone, Woodrow."  Woodrow says he doesn't understand what she's trying to say to him.  Maggie agrees that he doesn't understand.  She says she's not like Woodrow.  She can't live without affection.  Furthermore, Jake is kind to her and likes Newt.  Maggie then gets really angry at Jake when he says he just hopes that Jake hasn't compromised her.  She shouts at him that it was not Jake who compromised her, but Woodrow.  Woodrow looks totally confused and leaves her house.  She comes out and balls him out a little more. 

Blue Duck attacks two women and a man.  He ties the women up and kills the man.  Back at the village, Kicking Wolf tells Buffalo Hump that something has to be done about Blue Duck, who is killing too many travelers.  This will bring the Blue Coat soldiers.  Buffalo Hump says if so many soldiers are coming, why don't they come after him? Kicking Wolf laughs and says because the two of them are old men now.  The soldiers don't want them.  They want Quanah Parker, the son of Cynthia Parker and her Indian husband and the leader of the Quahadi Comanche.

Gus and Parker are now with the Major and some of his men.  They are trying to catch up with the main cavalry group.  Gus says they are traveling too slowly.  The Major thought they had done quite well.  Then he realizes that he lost his compass in that gully they went down and up.  The Major decides to head back and find the compass.  The men suffer through a sand storm.  The Major finds his compass and comes back to his group.  At about the same time, Charlie Goodnight comes riding up asking what's the delay?  Gus explains that the Major lost his compass and had to go back for it. 

The united group now attacks a Comanche village.  In the village they capture the long-lost Cynthia Anne Parker girl stolen about 25 years ago.  Gus says Cynthia no longer speaks English.  She's a Comanche now.  They grab Cynthia and one of her children and take her back with them to Austin.  Clara is there and greets Gus.  They hug.  She says she decided to come see him.  Clara did lose one of her boys to death.  She then tells Gus that she is going to sell the land that her parents once owned in Austin.  She wants Gus to come with her to examine the land. 

A Colonel comes to see Scull.  The visitor is Colonel Tom Soult.  The Colonel says Ulysses S. Grant wants Scull to administer the West.  And if Scull won't take the whole West, maybe he will take the whole of Texas?  Scull declines both offers.  The Colonel thinks that Scull if a bit too weird for him.  He leaves. 

Gus and Clara go out to see the land in a carriage.  Gus tells her that he probably won't ever marry again.  He says Clara is the only one who ever had his whole heart. They kiss. 

Back in town, Gus sees Clara off on the stage coach. 

Buffalo Hump takes a long ride out to where he will die.  Meanwhile, Blue Duck's men throw a white man onto a fire.  Kicking Wolf arrives to see Blue Duck torturing a bear.  The older Indian tells Blue Duck to kill the tied-up bear, but don't debase him.  Kicking Wolf shoots the bear dead.  He then tells Blue Duck that even in death the bear should not be debased.  He then says that he only came to tell Blue Duck that his father has gone to his death place.  Blue Duck wants to now where his father went, but Kicking Wolf does not know.  He then changes the subject to Blue Duck killing too many white men.  Kicking Wolf now leaves the camp.  Two of Blue Duck's men want to kill Kicking Wolf and steal his Sharp's rifle.  Blue Duck says if they think they can kill Kicking Wolf, have at it. 

Pearl asks Maggie if she will miss Jake when he leaves?  She says having Jake around was like having two boys around the house. 

Gus tells Woodrow that Jake is leaving to go get rich in the Colorado gold mines.  Gus and Woodrow go to say goodbye to Jake.  Also saying goodbye to Jake is Newt. 

Gus and Woodrow talk about wiping out Blue Duck and his men with the help of other rangers.  Gus then says he still likes that old place with the French Woman.  Woodrow says the place is Lonesome Dove. 

Maggie is very sick now.

Buffalo Hump goes to his death place.  Kicking Wolf too goes to a death place.  There Famous Shoes finds him and doesn't understand why the man wants to die, since he's not sick.  Kicking Wolf tells him that the whites want them all to go on their reservations, but he doesn't want to live where the white men tell him to live.  He would rather die.  He demands now that Famous Shoes leave him. 

The rangers are heading out from Austin again.  Newt has to stay behind.  Maggie still continues with her coughing.  She asks Pearl about taking care of her child when she is gone. 

Blue Duck's two men that are tracking Kicking Wolf, now run into Buffalo Hump.  One of the men goes back to Blue Duck's camp to bring Blue Duck to his father. 

Gus and Woodrow, the other rangers and the local lawmen are set up for an attack on Blue Duck's camp.  Famous Shoes says Blue Duck left the camp earlier, taking four horses with him.  One of the lawmen fires a shot and the rest of the men must join in on the fight.  They quickly subdue the gang.  The local lawmen plan to hang six of the Indians.  Gus and Woodrow grab two of the white boys and take them to make them into rangers. 

Buffalo Hump sits down at his death place and starts singing.  His son and his two men are riding towards him.

Maggie dies. Newt leaves his mother's home to go stay with Pearl. 

Blue Duck stabs his father with the man's own lance.  Then he goes behind him and kills Buffalo Hump with the lance.  Now the killers have to leave quickly because the rangers are coming toward them.  The rangers discuss the death of Buffalo Hump, when bullets interrupt their conversations.  They get down and start returning fire, but by now Blue Duck and his men are out of range. 

In Austin there's a funeral for Maggie.  Newt now decides to stay with the rangers.  He waits for the main body of rangers to return home to Austin.


The Comanche were a big problem for Texas.  And before Texas was Texas, the Mexicans were pretty much at the mercy of the Comanche who were better fighters at the time.  It really wasn't until the invention of the six-shooter pistol that the whites became the superior warriors in the area of New Mexico and Texas known as the Comancheria.  The Texas Rangers were the ones who had the job of handling the Comanche.  There were some big battles with the Comanche, but this movie does not deal with them.  Instead, Gus and Woodrow are out trying to chase down a fictitious Comanche named Blue Duck and his warriors.  Buffalo Hump was a real historic character as was Quanah Parker, but in this movie Buffalo Hump is already old and we only get glimpses of Quanah Parker.  By the way, the Comanche never burned down Austin.  Nevertheless, the movie is very entertaining and enjoyable. 

Loved Steve Zahn (as Gus McCrae).

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 


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