Christopher Columbus (1949)




Director:     David Macdonald.

Starring:     Frederic March (Christopher Columbus),  Florence Eldridge (Queen Isabella),  Francis L. Sullivan (Francisco de Bobadilla),  Kathleen Ryan (Beatriz Enriquez de Arana),  Derek Bond (Diego de Arana), James Robertson Justice, Felix Alymer, Nora Swinburne (Johanna de Torres), Abraham Sofaer (Luis de Santangel),  Linden Travers (Beatriz de Peraza),  James Robertson Justice (Martin Alonso Pinzon), Dennis Vance (Francisco Pinzon), Richard Aherne (Vicente Yañez Pinzon), Felix Aylmer (Father Perez), Francis Lister (King Ferdinand), Edward Rigby (Pedro), Niall MacGinnis (Juan de la Cosa).

Country:    British film .


An o.k. biography of Columbus (Frederic March).


Historical Background:


712: Muza ben-Nosair completes the Muslim conquest of Spain. End of the Visigothic period.

1090  --  invasion by the Muslims, the Almoravides.

1146  -- invasion of Iberian peninsula by the Almohads.

1224  --  the Banu Marins invade the peninsula.

middle of the 13th century  --  Islamic Spain was reduced to the Nasrid Kingdom in Granada (located between the Strait of Gibraltar and Cape Gata).  It did not capitulate until 1492.

1469: Isabel I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon are married, thus consummating the unity of Spain.

1492: The Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, complete the Reconquest by taking Granada (January 2nd), taking advantage of the rivalry of the last Muslim governors of Spain. Discovery of America (October 12th).





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