Chief Crazy Horse (1955)





Director:    George Sherman.

Starring:    Victor Mature (Crazy Horse), Suzan Ball (Black Shawl), John Lund (Maj. Twist), Ray Danton (Little Big Man), Keith Larsen (Flying Hawk), Paul Guilfoyle (Worm), David Janssen (Lt. Cartwright), Robert Warwick (Spotted Tail), James Millican (Gen. Crook), Morris Ankrum (Red Cloud/Conquering Bear), Donald Randolph (Aaron Cartwright), Robert F. Simon (Jeff Mantz), James Westerfield (Caleb Mantz), Stuart Randall (Old Man Afraid), Pat Hogan (Dull Knife), Dennis Weaver (Maj. Carlisle), John Peters (Sgt. Guthrie), Henry Wills (He Dog).

Crazy Horse rises to become an important warrior and chief only then to be killed by a fellow Indian. Victor Mature plays the part of the Sioux chief who takes part in the massacres of Custer and his troops at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. In actuality, Crazy Horse was killed by his Indian guards at the stockade of Fort Robinson, Nebraska.




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