Casanova  (2005)



Director: Lasse Hallström

Starring:   Jeremy Irons (Pucci),  Lena Olin (Andrea),  Oliver Platt (Paprizzio),  Heath Ledger (Casanova),  Sienna Miller (Francesca). 

Country:  American film, 108 minutes.

A charming, not that sexual, farce set in 1753 Venice.



Spoiler Warning:




Historical Background:


1724  -- his parents married.  His father was actor and play director, Gaetano Casanova. His mother was an actress.

1725   --  Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice.

Casanova's parents traveled to London, leaving Giacomo in the care of his maternal grandmother, Marzia Farussi.

1728  --  his parents returned.

1733 --  Casanova's father died. His mother ended up in Dresden, where she was a member of the Comici Italiani ensemble.

1734   --  Casanova sent to live with Doctor Gozzi in Padua.

He studied at the University of Padua and at the seminary of St. Cyprian.  He was expelled from the latter for scandalous conduct (drinking and womanizing).

Casanova served in the army for awhile and worked for the lawyer Manzoni.

1742  --   Casanova received his doctorate from the University of Padua.

1744 --  he became a secretary to Cardinal Acquaviva of Rome, but once again he was on the move because of a scandal.  He finally settled in Venice.  He had a love affair with Signora F.

1746  --  he was a violinist in the San Samuel theater, Venice.

1749  --  Casanova met the Frenchwoman, Henriette, in Cesena. She was the love of his life. She left him, leaving him very sad.

by 1750  --  he had worked as a clergyman, secretary, soldier, and violinist in several countries.

1752  -- his play, LES THESSALIENNES, had four performances at the Comédie-Italienne in Paris.

1753  --  his parody of Racine's The Thébaïdes performed in Dresden, Germany.

1755  -- Casanova imprisoned as a magician.  He escaped and went to Paris.  There his escape made him somewhat of a celebrity. 

1757  --  he introduced the lottery which made him a millionaire.

1760   --  fleeing his creditors, he traveled across Europe.

1764   -- in Berlin, Frederick II offered Casanova a post, but he refused the position. 

1772  -- he wrote the History of Unrest in Poland.

1774-1782  --   he was a spy for the Venetian inquisitors.

1787  --  Casanova met Mozart in Prague.  

Casanova also worked a bit as a writer, but one work sent him back into exile. 

From 1785  --  he worked as a librarian for Count of Waldstein in Bohemia.

his last years  --  Casanova concentrated on his memoirs, which covered his story until 1774. 

1798  --  Casanova died. 




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