Camelot (1967)



Director:     Joshua Logan

Starring:     Richard Harris (King Arthur),  Vanessa Redgrave (Guenevere),  Franco Nero (Lancelot Du Lac),  David Hemmings (Mordred),  Lionel Jeffries (King Pellinore),  Laurence Naismith (Merlyn), Pierre Olaf (Dap), Estelle Winwood (Lady Clarinda), Gary Marshal (Sir Lionel), Anthony Rogers (Sir Dinadan), Peter Bromilow (Sir Sagramore), Sue Casey (Lady Sybil), Gary Marsh (Tom of Warwick), Nicolas Beauvy (King Arthur as a Boy).

Oscars:       Costumes, Scoring, Art Direction - Set Decoration

A below average musical.  Is it wise to have a musical without actors who can sing? Apparently someone thought so.  




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