Bronte (1983)



Director:     Delbert Mann.

Starring:     Julie Harris.

Julie Harris portrays Charlotte Bronte in a one woman show.  Filmed in Ireland.




Spoiler Warning:





Historical Background:


The Bronte sisters were born at Thornton & lived in Haworth, W. Yorkshire, England.  Haworth is a rural village in the City of Bradford metropolitan borough of West Yorkshire, England.

1816 -- Charlotte Bronte born.

1818 -- Emily Bronte born.

1820 -- Anne Bronte born.

1820 -- their father Yorkshire clergyman Patrick Bronte brings the family to the parsonage at the top of the hill of Haworth village on the edge of the moor.

1821 -- their mother dies. The six children were cared for by her sister, Elizabeth Branwell. Charlotte and Emily attended the harsh Clergy Daughters' School at Cowan Bridge in Lancashire for a short while. Charlotte modeled Lowood School in Jane Eyre after it.

The Bronte children taught at home, their education aided by their inventiveness in creating their own games and stories.

1831 -- Charlotte attends Miss Wooler's school at Roe Head.

1832 -- Back at home, Charlotte teaches her sisters.

1835 -- Charlotte teaches at Roe Head. While there, she makes a life-long friendship with Ellen Nussey. Resigns because of depression and ill health.

1839 -- Anne works as a governess.

1841-1845 -- Anne again as governess.

1842 -- planning to open their own school at Haworth, Emily and Charlotte travel to Brussels to learn German and improve their French. Charlotte becomes a pupil-teacher, but she was saddened by her attraction to her married employer. Charlotte returns to Haworth, but the sisters failed to open a school.

1845 -- the sisters discover that they had all been writing poems for years.

1846 -- they publish a book of poems at their own expense, but are able only to sell two copies.

1847 -- Charlotte publishes Jane Eyre: an autobiography. This time she has a success. Anne publishes Agnes Grey and Emily publishes Wuthering Heights. Anne then publishes The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

1848 -- their brother Branwell dies; Emily dies of tuberculosis.

1849 -- Anne dies of tuberculosis in Scarborough.

Later Charlotte marries her father's curate Arthur Bell Nicholls.

1855 -- during pregnancy, Charlotte becomes ill and dies. With her death all the gifted sisters died before their father's demise.


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