Young Daniel Boone (1950)




Director:     Reginald LeBorg.

Starring:     David Bruce (Daniel Boone),  Kristine Miller (Rebecca Bryan),  Damian O'Flynn (Captain Fraser),  Don Beddoe (Charlie Bryan),  Mary Treen (Helen Bryan),  John Mylong (Col. von Arnheim), William Roy (Little Hawk), Stanley Logan (Col. Benson), Herbert Naish (Pvt. Haslet), Nipo T. Strongheart (Walking Eagle), Dick Foote (Lt. Perkins), Stephen S. Harrison (Sentry).

Daniel Boone seeks two survivors of General Braddock's men spared from an Indian massacre

Not a very good adventure story.




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Historical Background:



Daniel Boone

1734 -- born Berks County, Pa.

Moves with his family (English Quakers) to the North Carolina frontier. Spent most of his time as a hunter and trapper.

1767 -- Boone goes a short way through Cumberland Gap to hunt in what became Kentucky .

1769-1771 -- he and several companions return to Kentucky to trap and hunt.

1773 -- Boone leads his own and several other families to Kentucky; Cherokee Indians attack the group just beyond the last settlement. (Boone's son James is tortured and murdered.) The survivors turn back.

1775 -- Boone and 28 men are employed by Richard Henderson's Transylvania Company (hoping to establish Kentucky as the 14th colony) to blaze a trail through Cumberland Gap. They build the Wilderness Road (from eastern Virginia into the Kentucky interior). This was the main route to the west.

1775, August -- Boone brings his wife Rebecca and their daughter to Boonesborough. Kentucky later becomes a county of Virginia.

1778 -- captured by Indians and adopted as a son by the Shawnee chief, Blackfish. Five months later he escapes to warn Boonesborough settlers of an impending attack. They are able to repulse the attack by British soldiers and Indians (September 1778).

after end of Rev. War -- works as a surveyor along the Ohio River; settles for a few years in Kanawha County, Va. (now West Virginia).

1799 -- follows his son Daniel Morgan Boone to Missouri, in Louisiana Territory, where he hunts and traps.

1820 -- dies at St. Charles, Mo., U.S.


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