Sangre de mayo (Blood of May) (2008)




Director:     .

Starring:     Quim Gutiérrez (Gabriel), Francisco Algora (Escritor Comella), Víctor Anciones (Finito), Juan Calot (Marqués), José Carabias, Lia Chapman (Sirvienta de Anastasia), Alfonso Delgado (Señor Burguillos), Paula Echevarría (Inés), Ana Escribano, Nayra Sanz Fuentes, Manuel Galiana (Don Celestino), Saturnino García (Moribundo), Fernando Guillén Cuervo (Regente de imprenta), Carlos Hipólito, Lucía Jiménez (Plata).

love story set against reign of Fernando VII of Spain



Spoiler Warning:




Historical Background:

1784  -- birth of future king Ferdinand VII. 

The future king of Spain was heir apparent but he was jealously excluded from all share in government by his parents and the royal favorite Manuel de Godoy, his mother's lover.

1805 – national discontent with a feeble government produced a revolution.

1807 (October 1807) – Ferdinand was arrested for his complicity in the Conspiracy of the Escorial. Liberal reformers had tried to secure the help of French Emperor Napoleon. Ferdinand betrayed his associates and groveled to his parents.

1808 (March) – his father's abdication is extorted by a popular riot at Aranjuez.  He becomes King Ferdinand VII.  Is promptly imprisoned by Napoleon for seven years.  Napoleon puts his brother Joseph in as king of Spain. 

The Spanish people began an uprising and the Peninsular War against the French began.  Ferdinand is proclaimed as king again.

1813 (December 11) – Emperor Napoleon acknowledges Ferdinand VII as king of Spain. The Treaty of Valencay is signed and the king returns to Spain.

Ferdinand agreed to liberal reform, but once back in power he asserted again that he was an absolute monarch. 

The Wars of Independence in the New World against Spain continued and Spain became virtually bankrupt. 

1820 – the people revolt against the king’s misrule in favor of the Constitution of 1812. It began with a mutiny of the troops under Col. Rafael Riego. The king was imprisoned.

1823 – stemming from the Congress of Verona, France invades Spain..  Ferdinand grovels again and promises liberal reforms again, but once back he took a terrible retribution.  There are three years of coercion, with killing on a revolting scale.

1829  -- with only two daughters and no males, the king set aside the law favoring male accession to the throne.  This change led to the civil war known as the Carlist Wars. 

1833  --  death of Ferdinand. 





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