Belizaire the Cajun (1986)




Director:     Glen Pitre.

Starring:     Armand Assante (Belizaire Breaux),  Gail Youngs (Alida Thibodaux),  Michael Schoeffling (Hypolite Leger),  Stephen McHattie (James Willoughby),  Will Patton (Matthew Perry),  Nancy Barrett (Rebecca),  Loulan Pitre (Sheriff),  Andre Delaunay (Dolsin),  Jim Levert (Amadee Meaux),  Ernie Vincent (Old Perry),  Paul Landry (Sosthene),  Allan Durand (Priest),  Robert Duvall (The Preacher),  Bob Edmundson (Head Vigilante),  Charlie Goulas (Vigilante).

persecution of the Cajuns/Creole culture in the South




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