The Bastard (1978)





Director:     .

Starring:     Andrew Stevens (Phillipe Charboneau / Philip Kent),  Tom Bosley (Benjamin Franklin),  Kim Cattrall (Anne Ware),  Buddy Ebsen (Benjamin Edes),  Lorne Greene (Bishop Francis),  Olivia Hussey (Alicia),  Cameron Mitchell (Capt. Plummer),  Harry Morgan (Capt. Caleb),  Patricia Neal (Marie Charboneau),   Eleanor Parker (Lady Amberly),  Donald Pleasence (Solomon Sholto),  William Shatner (Paul Revere),  Barry Sullivan (Abraham Ware),  Noah Beery Jr. (Dan O'Brien),  Peter Bonerz (Girard).

Made for TV movie.

a man from France gets involved with the events leading up to the American Revolution




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