Arthur the King (1985)




Director:     Clive Donner.

Starring:     Malcolm McDowell (King Arthur),  Candice Bergen (Morgan Le Fey),  Edward Woodward (Merlin),  Dyan Cannon (Katherine),  Joseph Blatchley (Mordred),  Rupert Everrett (Lancelot),  Rosalyn Landor (Guinevere),  Liam Neeson (Grak),  Patrick Ryecart (Gawain), Philip Sayer (Agravain), Ann Thornton (Lady Ragnell), Lucy Gutteridge(Niniane), Denis Lill (King Pellinore), John Quarmby (Sir Kai, Michael Gough (Archbishop).

Made for TV movie.

How do come up with a new angle on an oft-told tale?  How about bringing in another favoritie story, Alice in Wonderland, and have Alice fall into a hole that takes her into Camelot.  




Spoiler Warning:






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