Anna and the King of Siam (1946)





Director:     John Cromwell

Starring:    Irene Dunne (Anna), Rex Harrison (the King of Siam), Linda Darnell (Tuptin), Lee J. Cobb (Kralahome), Gale Sondergaard (Lady Thiang), Mikhail Rasumny (Alak), Dennis Hoey (Sir Edward), Tito Renaldo (Prince as a man), Richard Lyon (Louis Owens), William Edmunds (Monshee), John Abbott (Phya Phrom), Leonard Strong (Interpreter), Mickey Roth (Prince as a boy), Connie Leon (Beebe), Diane von den Ecker (Princess Fa Ying).

widow Anna Owens becomes the tutor to the royal children of Siam and runs into conflict with the king



Historical Background:


See Anna and the King (2000)



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