Alfred the Great (1969)




Director:     Clive Donner

Starring:     David Hemmings (Alfred),  Michael York (Guthrum),  Prunella Ransome (Aelhswith),  Colin Blakely (Asher),  Ian McKellen (Roger//film debut),  Peter Vaughan (Burrud), Alan Dobie (Ethelred), Julian Glover (Shrdlu), Vivien Merchant (Freda), Julian Chagrin (Ivar), Jim Norton (Thanet), John Rees (Cuthbert), Christopher Timothy (Cerdic), Peter Blythe (Eafa), Sinéad Cusack (Edith).

Country:     British film


A just o.k. movie about the uniter of England with some good battle scenes.  



Historical Background:

Alfred the Great was the man who is given the credit for uniting much of what was to become England.  He was a philosopher prince.  As a youngster he had visited Rome; his grandson would be crowned first king of England.

871 Alfred the Great, king of England (to 899)

877 Mercia partitioned between the English and Danes

878 King Alfred recaptures London from Danes & defeats them at Edington: Treaty of Chippenham

886 King Alfred gives London and Eng. Mercia to his son-in-law Ethelred

890 Alfred the Great establishes a regular militia and navy, extends the power of the king's courts, and institutes fairs and markets

893 The Danes renew their attacks on England but are defeated

895 Alfred defeats and captures Danish fleet on the Lea River

899 Alfred the Great dead; Edward the Elder, king (to 924)


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