Agostino d'Ippona  (Augustine of Hippo) (1972) Italian


Director:  Robert Rossellini

Starring:  Dary Berkani (Agostino), Virgilio Gazzolo (Alipio), Cesare Barbetti (Volusiano), Bruno Cattaneo (Massimo), Leonardo Fioravanti (Milesio), Dannunzio Papini (Giudice romano), Beppe Mannaiuolo (Severo), Livio Galassi (Possidio), Fabio Garriba (Marcellino), Giuseppe Alotta (Siriano), Pietro Fumelli (Megalio), Giovanni Sabbatini (Valerio), Valentino Macchi (Sisto), Ciro Ippolito (Terenzio), Filippo De Gara (Crispino)

Italian movie.


story of St. Augustine (354-430)

Historical Background:


210-276 --  life span of Mani, a man from west Persia, who developed the Manichaeism religion.  Its main characteristic is dualism:  there are two nature, lightness and darkness.  Mani referred to himself as a disciple of Christ, but the early Christians regarded him as a heretic. 

354  -- birth of Aurelius Augustinus in the Roman city of Tagaste in Africa. 

He grew up and was educated at Carthage.  Much to the horror of his mother, Augustinus followed the Manichaean religion.  She pressured her son to become a Catholic. 

He taught in Tagaste and Carthage.  In Carthage he had a concubine.  They stayed together for ten years and she bore him a son.

384  --  at age 30, Augustinus attained the most visible chair in the Latin world; he became a professor of rhetoric for the imperial court of Milan.  His mother went with him and even arranged a society marriage for him.

The bishop of Milan, Ambrose, was a master of rhetoric like Ausgustinus, but was older.  He argued that Augustinus should become a Catholic and the young man was moved, not to Catholicism but to a Neoplatonic position. 

386  --  Augustinus was greatly affected by reading about Saint Anthony of the Desert.  He went through a personal crisis and not only decided to convert to Catholicism, but to join the priesthood. 

387  --  Ambrose baptized Augustinus.

388  --  Augustinus returned to Africa.  On the way there both his mother and son died. 

On his return to North Africa, he founded a monastic foundation at Tagaste.

391  --  Augustinus was ordained a priest in Hippo Regius (now Annaba, Algeria).  He became famous for his more than 350 sermons. 

396  -- he was named assistant bishop of Hippo.    

397-398  --  Augustinus wrote about his conversion in his famous Confessions.

413  --  he began work on his City of God.

426  -- he finished work on his City of God.

430  -- he died in Hippo during a siege by the Vandals.



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