Right Wing Religious People Aren't Going to Heaven 



Racism, religious bigotry, sexism, ethnicism, homophobia  --  these isms are sins against God.  As the Catholics would say, they are mortal sins.  Therefore bigots of all types can't get into heaven. 

The Bible has its Ten Commandments, but they are almost all just on a personal level: don't steal, don't cheat, don't bear false witness, etc.  

What is needed is Twenty Commandments, the last ten dealing with social hatreds and bigotry.  It's these social hatred and bigotry that have led to the murder of millions of minority peoples the world round.  These are much more serious sins than a person stealing or lying. 

Some may say the social commandments aren't in the Bible.  But surely they're implicit in the words of Jesus of Nazareth.  Who is, after all, more of a charitable person than Jesus as described in the Bible?

Other will argue that they are not racists or people who are ethnic bigots, but they are right wing religious people and more than not vote for the Republican Party.  Most Republicans are racist.  For instance, they are members of the Republican party, a party the members of which have worked all their lives not to help black and brown peoples by refusing to pass any legislation that is desperately needed in order to counter-act racism.  And they work all their lives to pass legislation that is deliberately  harmful to people of color.  People who spend their whole lives supporting a racist party cannot say they are decent people.  And they can't say they are not racists. 

Conservatives say it is unjust to call them racists.  But no better word applies to these people.  They live and work to promote racism and to prevent any liberal legislation from being passed to lessen racism. They work to keep people of color away from them and to keep them poor or just making it at a low economic level. 

American conservatives saying they are not racists, is like a Nazi saying he's not a religious and ethnic bigot because he personally has Jewish friends.  And yet, the American conservative supports a party that works for and supports racist economic, social and political legislation to keep racism healthy and strong.    And the Nazi worked for a party that pushed the idea of the Holocaust. 

Before 1964, most white southerners were Democrats.  A bit of civil rights legislation is passed in 1964 and almost overnight most white southerners became Republicans.  And the Republican Party embraced racism and these racist southerners.  Why are there few people of color in the Republican Party?  The answer is obvious.  The Republican Party is a racist party and all who are in it, black Hispanic or white, are racists.  A Nazi cannot work for a racist party like the National Socialist Party without being tainted by the sins of the Holocaust.  Nazis also don't get into heaven. 


It would be better if racists repented of their sins  -- they should recognize their sins and work to stop themselves from continuing their support of racism and other forms of hatred. 

But most of them won't or can't do this.  They don't see racism as a crime.  It's not them who make America a racist country, but the damn soft-hearted liberals!  They have a paranoid view of life that deems any Democratic Party leadership as harmful and unwise.  The conservatives say they are patriotic but they talk of any democratically elected liberal dominated government as evil and wicked and one that should be overthrown or kept out of power by big business with their big money.  You can not be a patriotic American and yet support anti-democratic polices that would destroy American democracy and lead to the creation of a ruling class of right-wing business people and their mouth-pieces (like Fox News)  People who think this way are a danger to all of us and to our way of life and government. 


Hell, I would say that most Republicans are going down there. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

July 4, 2011