Republican Strategy:  Establish a Ruling Class, Gut the Democracy and Rule Forever



Gov. Walker of Wisconsin has to be one of the real villains of American history, but thanks to him we see the real Republican strategy behind all their cost-cutting ventures.  Walker told the public unions that they would have to make a series of sacrifices, which the unions agreed to.  That should have been the end of it.  But no, the Republicans don't just want to take money from the middle-class, they want to strip it of any right to collective bargaining at all.

Give these Republicans an inch and they will soon destroy the unions.  Do you know how many men, women and children died to get the right to unionize?  Do you know how many centuries it took to establish unions?  The first strike organized by labor was back in 1619 when Polish craftsmen struck in Jamestown, Virginia Colony.  This was a year before the Pilgrims even landed at Plymouth Rock.  People have fought and died for the right to unionize before this country was a country. 

How low can the United States sink under the disastrous leadership of the Republican Party?  Will they be successful in taking unions away from the populace in favor of further favors to their close partners, the super rich?  They give billions in tax breaks to the super wealthy and yet demand that the teachers, firemen and police sacrifice.  In fact, it's worse than that, because these elitist Republicans are blaming these very same average people for the fiscal mess that the Republican Party created in the first place by their refusal to regulate American capitalism, thereby permitting the rape of the United States (a country these hypocrites say they love). 

The Republican Party has to be considered a party that doesn't believe in democracy.  Their plan is to destroy any real democracy by concentrating wealth so greatly into the hands of a few.  These few then bankroll Republican Party candidates, financing their deliberately misleading and deceptive political ads to poison further the minds of the many rednecks in this nation, in order to get the pro-robber baron Republicans elected to political office.  Then the Republican Party works to get more breaks and goodies for their wealthy brethren. 

Just how morally corrupt these Republicans can be is illustrated in Walker's 20 minute telephone conversation with a man pretending to be one of the Koch brothers.  Revealed is a man who actually looks forward to laying people off from work.  He partly sees this as his revenge on these public workers for having the nerve to oppose him.  Walker would make a good Simon Legree enjoying his infliction of pain on others who are less fortunate than himself. 

The Republican Party as it is now constructed is a danger to American democracy.  They wish to replace our democracy with an oligarchy, rule by the wealthy. 

Thank goodness for Walker because he exposed his nefarious plot for all to see.  So the Republicans will not only smash the poor, the black, the Hispanic, but white workers too.  The Republicans now turn against their own base of white people.  And so now the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the true nature of the Republican monster  -- so hideous, so vile, so without decency.  And now whites are being hurt by the Republicans and they are now marching along with black and browns against the anti-democratic political party known as the Republicans. 

Keep on marching.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

Feb. 27, 2011






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