Racist Florida Got What it Wanted:

Stand Your Ground Laws Protect Whites and Other Non-Blacks After They Kill Blacks





I grew up in Florida.  Duval County (Jacksonville) was the most conservative county in Florida and voted heavily for George Wallace of Alabama for President of the United States.  Very few of my high-school friends and associates supported the Civil Rights Movement.  Many were vicious racists while the more liberal types were critical of the methods used by the Civil Rights Movement.  It was still the time of Jim Crow and very segregated.  Yes, white Floridians were damn racist in their thoughts, their culture, their politics, their economic relations, etc.  They were dyed in the wool bigots.  Every aspect of life in the South was tainted by racism.

But now in the South they go on with their racist traditions and culture, even threatening the bold ones who might call them racists with physical or monetary punishment.  But that's what they were and that's what they still are.  There is actually very little freedom of speech in the USA because you can't really freely talk about how racism has been strengthening among whites, especially southern Whites and Mid-West rural folks.

I am disgusted listening to white commentators (and some Uncle Toms) who declare that the George Zimmerman Trial was not at all about race.  Hell, the law of stand your ground is the very essence of racism.  The South has been growing even crazier now than when I was in high school.  The whites are over-arming themselves as a result of all their racist conspiracy theories of how the liberals are trying to overthrow any trace of conservatism in the country.  The whites are buying guns hands over fist and they will use these guns to kill  black people. 

Since whites will  be killing more black people as a result of their super-armament of themselves, blatantly racist states like Florida, have naturally been passing laws that will let the trigger happy white racists out of trouble after they use their weapons to kill blacks.  The stand your ground laws are negro killing permits.  (I can't write the N word because of political correctness, but the N word sure would be a more effective word to use to describe what's going on in the south.)  The laws are so vague that no white man or brown man will ever be convicted of killing a black man.  And this brings us right back to the age of Jim Crow and the KKK. 

The Republican Party is the party of the racists and these people are right-wing extremists that are out of control.  They are a danger to any sense of decency, justice, equality and democracy in our country, the most unequal of all the advanced industrial societies.

The Republican Party has disabled the Supreme Court of the land from being a force for civil rights.  They kept on grabbing the most racist of the judges they could find with which to pack the court to put an end to the era of civil rights.  Rather the Supreme Court has been aiding the cause of the white racists and the Uncle Toms. I, myself, would like to suspend the Supreme Court from ruling on any civil rights cases until the court shows some support for justice in this area. 

It's funny.  The title I used for the article is very much like one of the titles of Vernon Johns' speeches:  "It's Safe to Kill Negroes in Montgomery".   It's a disgrace that the title fits the occasion.  It's Safe to Kill Blacks in Sanford, Florida.  

As one of the pro-white jurors said about the Zimmerman Trial, it was 3 for not guilty, 1 for second degree murder and 2 for manslaughter.  Since at least half of the group wanted Zimmerman to receive some kind of punishment, the 3 not guilty fans were ready to consider some kind of punishment agreement.  They probably would have settled on "manslaughter".  But as they read the "stand your ground" tainted jury instructions, they decided that the law did not allow for any punishment of whites and browns who kill black men.  After all, most white men are afraid of black men in the dark of night.  They're scared so they have a right to kill blacks under racist stand-your-ground laws. 

The talkative juror is so typical of far too many white racists.  She was from the start a supporter for Zimmerman.  She felt sorry for the man.  She didn't even mention the death of the black man until Anderson Cooper brought up the subject of Trayvon specifically  For her, the black man was only an after-thought.  Most southern racists I have met who deny racism as an influence are just like that juror.  Supremely ignorant and naive in the extreme of the entire subject matter of race.  Most everybody in the USA has a definite opinion about race in America, but most of them really don't have much understanding of the full complexity of the state of racism in this very divided and ineffective country. 



 Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

July 16, 2013