Proof of the Truth of the Prophetic Tradition: 

The Failure of Passive Liberalism on Health Care Reform


I have been writing for a long time now on the failure of the liberal understanding of the United States and its politics and the failure of the passive liberal approach inherent in the multi-culturalism moral philosophy of plural but equal segregation, which is way too close to the old separate but equal segregation approach.  Under the earlier segregation approach, Booker T. Washington pushed a very passive idea that blacks will get along by pleading with the whites to help them in return for black cooperation with the segregationist system.  Liberals liked the approach because it brought relative peace in the area of race relations, which they much preferred to continuing wrangling. 

Today's plural but equal segregation philosophy pushed by liberals is the same as the Booker T. Washington approach.   Peace and quiet in return for a relative damping down of civil rights progress.  The harm of this passive liberalism under Washington was shown in the virtual recreation of slavery in the South and elsewhere following the civil war.   And today's passive liberalism has just proven to be harmful and ineffective to deal with the racists of the South, the rural areas and among the extremely wealthy. 

Yes, the attempts to get any real health care reform through the US senate have failed.  Passive liberals are just no match for the radicalism of the racism of the opponents of health care reform.  The conservatives lie, deliberately distort and call the liberals all kinds of bad things like socialists and communists.  Many of the opponents of health care reform are not rich, but rather middle class whites.  These racist whites are hurting the United States as they continue the racial and ethnic divisions in the United States. 

For the racist conservatives, this is not so much about health reform, but about there being two different nations within the USA.  The South has always been a thorn in the side of the United States.  The South with its slavery had its own slavery-influenced social values and ideas that helped back their "way of life" which was different from that of the North.  They saw their slavery based way of life as being threatened by the North and decided to fight a civil war over the issue.  In the 1950s and 1960s they fought against the civil rights movement, because it threatened their racist way of life and they fought to prevent improvements in race relations.  And today the South is doing again what it has always done, be a group trying to stop all real moral reforms because they see the liberals helping the blacks and Hispanics and they oppose this because it once again threatens their racist way of life.  The South has it supporters outside the South in the rural areas of the country, especially so in the mid-West.  And of course our new Robber Barons are friends of the South because they get their main support for their corruption from their redneck supporters. 

I've been trying to explain what liberalism is up against.  It is now facing and has always faced a morally, educationally and economically backward group of racist conservatives that see themselves alienated from a more liberal way of looking at life.  I wrote that Barack Obama was going to be ineffectual with his passive liberalism that will never be an effective response to the hatred of the racists.  You have to hit these bastards hard (and call them bastards and traitors for once, why don't you?)  You have to use the truth against these hypocrites, but the liberals are too passive or too cowardly to fight hard, as hard as the racists fight at least. 

The failure of passive liberalism is no better shown than in the failure of the attempt to get health care reform.  The liberal health bill has been stripped down to the barest minimum and is a big gift to the insurance companies, who still will be able to raise insurance costs willy-nilly. Keith Olbermann is absolutely right that it's the traitors like Joe Lieberman of Connecticut who are dictating terms to the President of the United States, rather than vice-versa.   Passive liberals like Reid and Obama are completely ineffectual with prima-donnas like Lieberman. 

Passive liberalism is a gutless liberalism that permits all kinds of iniquities to go on while the liberals delude themselves that things are proceeding along very well (while, in reality, things actually get worse ).  Passive liberalism means continued defeats for liberals.  I suggest they start reading an alternative interpretation of American history and politics inherent in my writings and get some back-bone.   But no, the liberals have worked to ignore my work so they can keep on playing it safe, and letting the poor continue to be shafted, while they live nice, comfortable lives.   The racists conservatives are atrocious liars, but American liberals are liars too, preferring a nice rosy view of American history as liberal progress. 

If you want liberal progress, you have to fight and fight hard for it.  We almost had a depression and yet the debate has been dominated by criticisms of the liberals as the source of our problems rather than the conservatives.  Liberals are just not prepared or educated enough to fight back and boy does it show.  Instead, they are castrated by their own weak and inane views. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

December 16, 2004


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