Post-Racial Age? Then How Can the Republic State Legislatures Pass all these Racist Restrictions on the Right to Vote as in the Days of Separate but Equal Segregation?



If the Republicans are not racists, then why are they trying to fix the elections with restrictive voting laws? They have literally passed hundreds of restrictive laws on voting, like their racist forefathers in the day of Jim Crow laws.

And why are the non-racist people seemingly powerless to stop this deliberate stealing of election(s)? These Republicans are just despicable bastards. The predominantly white political party doesn't want to share the goodies of American life with people of color, so they are fixing elections so they don't have to. This is an old strategy with ancient roots.

And how come corrupt judges don't immediately condemn these anti-constitutional laws as soon as the laws come before them? Because the racists Republicans have been stacking the courts with super conservative judges who don't deserve to be judges because they are so racist themselves and thus blind as to justice.

I really do fear that there is a big chance that the USA will lose its democracy and become a racist oligarchy with a corrupt and racist three branches of government which just pretends to be democratic when all the time they have the fix in. After all, lying is standard in today's politics. The Republicans don't care what the "truth" is. They will run lie after lie repeatedly and there is nothing the Democrats can do about it.

American politics is becoming so predominantly racist that we are in for a world of injustice.

And the liberal voices will largely be silent, because they will be afraid of losing their jobs, power and status and thus whatever wealth they would have had in a more just USA.

It is just despicable that the liberals are letting themselves be routed by a bunch of flaming racists.



Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

August 21, 2012