Introduction: Sociological Censorship



authored by  Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



We are to the political left of American sociologists who are a brand of racial separatists encouraging another round of separate but equal segregation, this time under cover of separate but equal cultures.

New Leftists are really radical separatists rather than real radicals. They did not care about the truth then. And they do not care about the truth now. They only care about their view of politically correct politics. And they condemn anyone who opposes their ideas, being totally unwilling to listen to any political alternatives.

Now the New Left has come to dominate completely the discipline of sociology.   It is so dominated by this perspective that one wonders if it is even worth reading sociology anymore.  We personally avoid it, except when we have to read it in order to get current examples of some of the more outrageous politicizations of sociology.

We have been trying for about a decade to make an inroad into sociology, but it has proved absolutely impossible to get past the politically correct censors. All we have tried to do is play the role of father to a third civil rights movement, but the politically correct social scientists have chose to be "personally insulted" by these writings, which just illustrates their basic hostility to any real freedom of speech and the negativity of their current approaches. During the early days of the civil rights movement, we can remember how Southerners would become personally insulted over criticism of the South. These people had very suspect political views and approaches, and the same is true of our current social scientists, sociologists just being the furthest into idiocy than the rest.

But thank goodness for websites and the internet. Now we do not have to ask permission to publish from a biased professor or editor. The internet has saved us from the censors and so we celebrate this new technology.

Concerning progress in civil rights, the basic resistance of sociologists, who often parade themselves as defenders of the rights of minorities, to change has forced us to conclude that we have very much underestimated the base nature of human beings and the conformity of even "the best and the brightest" to bad social structures.  

Did you think that there was nothing new under the sun? Well, you can forget that now. Most readers will probably be shocked by these related essays. But Vernon Johns, the father of the second civil rights movement, shocked the liberals of his day.  And, we might add, the liberal censors did all they could to hamper Johns in his attempt to spread his ideas.


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