The places in Astoria are somewhat spread out. There is one concentration around 36th Avenue and 31st Street. At Rio Tours they sell a few CDs, some magazines and newspapers, and some Brazilian grocery products. Across the street was Rio Bonito, at 31-12 36th Avenue. It advertises money transfers, airline tickets, Brazilian products (Cd's and tapes), and Brazilian goods (food, magazines and papers).  On 31st Street itself there is the Escala Brazil (35-48 31st Street) which serves food and is also a sports bar.  It advertises that it has a Brazilian menu with sandwiches, worker's meal (daily special), picanha (rump steak), and bobo de camarao (fresh shrimp in shrimp puree).  There is dancing and live music on Friday to Sunday.

Amazonia (3306 31st Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11106; (718) 204-1521) has food from Brazil, including groceries, flours, beans, carne seca, and fruit concentrates.

Emporium (3188 30th Street, Astoria, NY 11102; (718) 204-8181) also has products similar to Amazonia.

Sabor Tropical Brazilian Restaurant /Cafe at 36-18 30th Avenue, Astoria, New York.  

Other places include:

Maria's Place

Giral Sol which has churrasco

Pantanal travel agency on 31st Street

On the local channel access in Queens, Channel 66, there is a Brazilian program at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

On Northern Boulevard is Greenfields around 110th Street or so.

The Master Grill, 34-09 College Point Blvd, Flushing, NY - 718-762-0300. Their business card states that the Master Grill is a New Steak Revolution. I'm told the best time to dine is after 7:00 when they have live music.  I talked with a Brazilian-American woman who married a Jewish American.  She recently took her mother-in-law to this place.  She said that the waitresses did a little sensual dance with the live music and that her mother-in-law loved it and wants to return.  

I attended a fund-raiser put on by some Brazilian women.  This illustrates how the Brazilians can have fun on a somewhat limited budget.  The fund-raiser took place at the Cafe Brazil on Steinway Street in Astoria (equivalent of northeast corner with 23rd Street and just south of an urban park).  At the present time the sign says "Cafe greco," but the Brazilians are obviously taking the place of the Greeks.  The Brazilian women made various food dishes which they brought to the bar.  All the participants paid $10.00 for the food, all of the money going to charity.  When a soccer game came on Brazilian TV, they watched the soccer game.

Later in the evening, a woman got up and sang the Tom Jobim song made famous by Elis Reginasome (Waters of  March). 



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