Port Chester, Westchester County

On an inlet of Long Island Sound and at the border of Greenwich, Connecticut lies the Village of Port Chester. Incorporated as a village within the Town of Rye in 1868, Port Chester was named after the County of Cheshire, England. Port Chester was originally known as the "Saw Pits" after the deep pits which were dug to saw logs used in shipbuilding. Port Chester's waterfront location offers a bustling downtown area which has just recently enjoyed extensive renovation. The success of the revilatization effort is evident in the attraction and busy shops and resturants throughout the downtown area. Port Chester also benefits from its close proximity to public bus service and the Metro North Train Station.

There is a Brazilian restaurant in Port Chester, known as Patanal at 29 North Main Street, which is very good. They like the little sausages. They like the charrusco dishes. Their menu can be seen at http://www.ezpages.com/p002mnu.htm

At 35 and a half N. Main Street is Margot's Signature Restaurant and Gourmet Shop which has a few Brazilian dishes on its menu.

At 39 N. Main Street is Planeta Brasil (Planet Brazil) that sells Brazilian products. The proprietor is Marco A. Cuna. I have met him and he was very pleasant to talk with about his store. (The store replaces the Panacea book store which had a few books in Portuguese for sale.) Among the products he has are:

Pipoca doce (super torradas)

They sell what looks like small bottles of champagne all wrapped up in fancy, colorful paper. But this is not champagne, but rather chocolate bottles to be eaten as they are, like the American chocolate bunnies available at Easter. Ovo Mundy and Garota Talento products are chocolate bottles filled with other chocolate candies. The different kinds are dark, dark and white, and white chocolate.

Bauducro chocolate

Figo em calda (figs in syrup)

Ameixas em calda (Beira Alta)

Goiaba em calda em metades

Indian brand of Leite de coco (coconut milk)

Garoto candies

Suco de caju (cashew drink)

Sucu de maracuja


Milharina (flocos de milho pre-cozido)

Polvilho azedo (manioc starch sour)

He also sells CDs.

Also here are camisetes (t-shirts), cosmetics, soaps, a package of 3 cassette tapes to learn English from CI, fitas (tapes) from Brazil (one of the ones I saw was the novela "Pecado Capital.")

He takes American express and Master Card (as of April 1, 1999). The phone number is (914) 935-1344. The email address is: PlanetaBr@aol.com

Just down the street from it is Cafe Brasil at 37-39 North Main Street. It is a small cafe with a few tables that is a combination of bakery and cafeteria. They also have a helpful bulletin board. Planeta Brasil was advertised along with the work of hairy stylist Paulinho Cabeleiro of Nicole's Salon at 48 N. Main Street across the street from Cafe Brasil (corner of N. Main and Adee Streets). Also here were notices of apartments for rents and an ad for a responsible baby sitter. There was an announcement of an English course for Brazilians. What is unique about Cafe Brazil is its large patio.

Brazilian Travel Services at 104 N. Main Street.

Other Brazilian Restaurants in Westchester County:

Aquario Restaurant . . .(914) 287-0220 (Portuguese / Brazilian) at 141 East Lake Street, White Plains.

Braseiro (914) 472-3344; (Brazilian); 784 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale.

Personally, ou group did not care for this place.  

Caravela (914) 631-1863; (Portuguese / Brazilian) at 53 North Broadway, Tarrytown.


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