Brazilian Newspapers and Magazines:

There is a free small newspaper with news of Brazilians and Brazilian-Americans called the Brazilian Press.  Its address is P.O. Box 364, Kearny, NJ 07032.  You often see in the the shops specializing in Brazilian shops and Brazilian restaurants.

There is a newspaper called the Brazilian Voice that comes from Newark: P.O. Box 5686, Newark, NJ 07105.

Some of the magazines available at Brzilian stores are:

Amiga (Girlfriend)

Arqutetura e Construcao  (Architecture and Construction)

Boa Forma (like Shape Magazine)

Casa & Jardim (House and Garden)

Elle Brasil (Elle magazine Brazil version)


Globo Rural (Rural World)

Internacional (men's magazine)

Pequenas Empressas (Small Businesses)

Pesca (Fishing)

Brazilian Playboy

Show Bizz (which deals with music)

Raca (a magazine for black Brazilians)

Viver Bem (To Live Well)



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