St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church (Lafayette and Prospect Streets). Constructed in 1858 as the First Baptist Church. In 1928 it became St. Joseph's and was dominated by the Spanish and Portuguese. It is a brick, modified Greek Revival church. It lost its spire. In the 1950s the Portuguese left when their church, Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church, was built. (Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee, 1983).

Our lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church was built in 1958. It is a modern orange brick building with limestone trim. It was the first church ever built exclusively for the Portuguese.(Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee, 1983).

St. Stephan's United Church of Christ, Ferry and Wilson Avenue. It was a German church constructed in 1874. It is a Romanesque red brick . In the interior there is German wood carvings with a merry-go-round with rotating statues, a pulpit, and outstanding Italian painting. (Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee, 1983).

St. Benedict's on Barbara Street was founded in 1875 as a German church. It is now mostly Portuguese. (Carteret Savings and Loan Association).



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