Harrison and Kearny, New Jersey

There are Brazilian shops and restaurants along Frank E. Rogers Boulevard, which used to be 4th Street (it might still be called that on a map your have). But these places are much more widely spread from one another compared to the compact area on Ferry Street.   

North to South:

At 263 Kearny Avenue is Mango's. Not the bar in Newark, but "the home of the Cuban Sandwich" in Harrison.

At 125 Kearny Avenue is Mariela's Travel.  

Around Davis Street is another Brazilian Restuarant (Comida Tipica -- Typical Food)

At 75 Kearny Avenue is the Churrasqueira -- Baliza Restaurant in Kearny.  It is across from Veterans park.  

At 613 N. Frank E. Rogers Blvd, (at Scott Mobus place) Harrison, NJ 07029, is Patria Minha (My Country), General Brazilian Products: CD's, cassetes, novela tapes, perfumes, and lingerie. Advertise Productos Brasileras (Brasilian Products).  It is across from the Lisbon Chateau (Portuguese and Hispanic food).

Boa Vista.

At Frank Rogers and Davis is Casa Nova II.

Anchor Foods (between William and Hamilton Streets).

At 174 Sanford Avenue, Kearny, NJ 07032 is the Crystal Beverage Corp. which makes Guarana Brazilia, the drink with plenty of caffeine and the taste like a stronger ginger ale.


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