In trying to learn about the Brazilians in the United States (and especially the New York Metropolitan Area), I soon learned that there was very little material on the Brazilians in America.  I also learned that the Brazilians in this country are not very well organized. One of the reaons for this is te fact that so many of the Brazilians are first-generation immigrants. There is a virtual truism in American immigrant life that the third generation remembers what the second generations wanted to forget.  This means that only after Brazilians have acculturated to American society (and this usually takes at least three generations) will the later generations feel secure enough to stress the importance of retaining Brazilian culture.

I thought to myself "Gee, what a shame" (especially in these days when the internet makes it so easy to provide updated information on virtually any topic). I  also thought it would be a good idea if Americans knew more about the Brazilian-Americans and Brazilians.  

As I learned more about Brazilian-Americans and Brazilians here, I decided to put down what little I knew with the knowledge that the website would get better over time and with the hope that others might send me information via e-mail.

So if there are mistakes, just let me know via e-mail.  Or if I need to add anything, let me know that too.



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