Partial Vindication:  Liberals Are Starting to Wake-up to the Dangers Presented by the Republican Party and Its Supporters



Yes I feel partially vindicated.  In 1994 I self-published a book and also put the book on-line that described the dangers of an increasingly growing South with its culture of alienation and contempt.  I was the only person I knew who was virtually calling the Republicans fascist.  Very few people were interested in confronting the growing hostility of the Republican party toward the American system of government and economics.  I wrote that these people were trying to take us back before the first real progressive president, Theodore Roosevelt, when the robber barons virtually ruled American politics and labor unions were weak.  I felt the Republican party was a real threat to the United States, especially in politics and economics. 

In "The Failure of Sociology" I criticized the liberals for being asleep about the ever growing power and hostile nature of the Republican party.  Their main theory was of multicultural segregation as if we were actually in a post-racial United States.  I knew that was a bunch of bullshit coming out of the New Left types.   Multiculturalism is no better than "Separate but Equal" as far as racial equality is concerned. 

Keith Olbermann was the first liberal on TV who was catching onto the idea that these Republicans were way too far to the political right.  He was a hard-hitter, just the person we needed to try to wake the liberals from their lethargic sleep to the realization that the Republicans represented a real threat to a modern view of life in keeping with the rest of the world.  But, the liberals love to kill the "radical" liberals.  They kill their own because they want to keep pretending that it's just politics as usual.  The liberals were even saying that no one should ever use the Hitler analogy in political analysis.  Just on the face of it, that sounds pretty stupid and it is.  The United States can become a fascist nation, if we let it happen. 

But nowadays I am hearing much more serious criticism of the Republicans.  Criticisms that are more in line with my thinking that the Republican party is becoming a fascist, and completely racist party.  I feel they are finally waking up.  This has recently been helped  by the obviously childish and reckless behavior of members of the Republican party in our congress.  Because of the Republican party and their rich allies, the US credit rating went down considerably.  Because of the Republicans, the world sees our system of government as not being able to handle even the basic necessities of living in the modern world.   In other words, the USA is so divided that it cannot get its house in order to act responsibly about basic things like the budget and our credit rating. 

But now I hear lots of more nasty comments from liberals about the conservatives.  The other week I heard Bill Maher say "what a fucking dumb country" about the United States.  I have heard nasty words used to describe media darlings such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.  These women are not fit to be the president of any modern country for they want a country that is not part of the modern world.  They are reactionaries. 

The closer we get to the crisis date of August 2, 2011 when we have to raise the national debt ceiling,  the stronger the liberal criticism of the conservatives will become.  And I will feel less alone and isolated out there in my world of anti-fascism.  More people will realize just how out of touch with modernity is the Republican party.  None of their presidential candidates are fit to be president in a modern world.  They may have made acceptable presidents if they lived back in the age of the robber barons, but not now. 

We are very threatened by the coming of terribly bad economic events, if the USA doesn't awaken, doesn't admit it has a "real" problem and doesn't take remedial actions to deal with the situation.  Trying to pretend that the Republicans are not all that different or that they are even civil is the wrong way to go.  Now liberals are going to have to take the conservatives seriously.  They just might wake up and realize that they are in a fight and are getting beaten badly because of their self-contented lethargy. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

July 4, 2011


On Chris Matthews show he and one of his guests used these terms to characterize the Republican Party:  crazies, terrorists, hostage-takers. 

July 5, 2011