Obama Wins First Presidential Debate -- Romney Disqualified by Lies, Plagiarism and Rudeness


I expect Fox to declare Romney the victor, but when I heard on MSNBC that Romney won the debate because of his domination of the stage, his presentation of his arguments and his style.  These criteria are all on style over substance.

And I didn't even like his style. I thought him terribly rude to both the president and the moderator. The man acted like a bully. He rode roughshod over the moderator, not letting the poor man moderate. So it takes a rude bully to win a presidential debate? That's not a good precedent. Romney decided to take over as a bad moderator and set the pace and agenda of the debates.  If Obama copied Romney, a debate could not even take place. 

Romney shot a lot of verbal insults at Obama. He delivered them in a kind of mischievous way, mocking Obama while supposedly being respectful to the president. I t was okay for Romney to use the term Obamacare, but it's mocking when he apologizes for his use of the term. It's a mocking insult dressed up in terms of respect.

Frankly, I don't care if a presidential candidate is a showman, but I do care if he acts like a drunken bore trying to hog the spotlight. I do not wish to see another repeat of this bullying in the realm of presidential debates.

What is so disturbing is that everyone seems to be judging success by the sizzle and not the stake. That's just lame.

Romney lied throughout his presentation. Some say there are up to 30 lies in his talk. In fact, the whole persona of Romney was a lie. He was shown to be a mean-spirited, stingy man who would let people die unnecessarily because of his belief that these people are just lazy bums. And yet he came out as if he were the Democratic candidate himself. Yes, Romney the chameleon took on the persona of a right-wing, racist extremist during the nomination debates, but in the presidential debate he was a democrat (except for his ridiculous policies that he defended). The positions he took were total contradictions of all that Romney had said earlier in his speeches and debates with other Republicans.

At least one of the statements he used was exposed as a lie by Bill Clinton at the Democratic convention. Talk about being cynical. To use a lie already exposed as a lie by former president Clinton takes a lot of brass indeed (if not stupidity).

And Romney used a line that was made as a classic criticism of Republicans liars. "You are entitled to your own arguments, but not your own facts" This democratic line was meant as criticism of the Republicans' constant use of lies in their speeches.

So come on you pundits! Obama won the debate because he wasn't an extremist, he calmly dealt with a raging Romney, was sincere and didn't contradict his earlier statements. Come on, use some common sense. Don't reward lying, plagiarism and bullying.  It's a bad precedent and not very flattering of the nation as a whole.


P.S.   Romney's performance was just another way of cheating to win the election dishonestly.  It's comparable to the racist Republican moves to deny people of color, students and older folks the right to vote.  What won't the Republicans do to make sure they win the election?  They should stop acting like the Southern states where there was only one party in power, the Democrats.  Present-day southern and rural Republicans do not believe in democracy. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 

October 5, 2012