So Sorry Republicans, Obama is Already

One of the Great Presidents of the United States of America



Early in his presidency, the Republican Party declared that they would not work with Barack Obama on anything (which seems to me racist even of itself).  Even when Obama borrows an idea from the conservatives, the Republicans automatically condemn Obama.  They want Obama's presidency to fail, but they have completely failed.  Even if Obama doesn't get anything done after the passage of the Health Reform bill, he has already done something so stupendous that Obama is already one of our greatest presidents.  He's up there with Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Lyndon Baines Johnson.   He accomplished something that men of good will have been trying to accomplish for 100 years.  Obama and the Democrats succeeded in spite of the racism and hatred of the Republican Party and its associated fascist tea parties. 

And talk about arrogance!  No one could match the arrogance to these right-wing Republicans always saying that Obama would not succeed, and even if he does, he will be terribly punished by the voters in the November, 2010 off-year elections.  The extremism of the remarks of the Republicans is just more proof of how far away they have moved away from any sense of reality. 

And now the Republicans are talking about repealing the Health Care bill.  They are suddenly concerned about states' rights.  So I guess their new hero is the racist version of Gov. George Wallace of Alabama who constantly talked about states' rights, never admitting his real motivation was to keep down the blacks.  States' rights was always a code word for racist ideas and it still is.  

The Republicans are their own worst enemies.  Having an ideology of racism and harsh social control is going to continue to harm them until they can abandon their racist ideas.  Racism is a mortal sin against humanity and God!  But the Republicans have made a pact with that old devil racism in return for winning elections and continue hoping that racism will keep them on a winning streak.  (The Republicans are just not people of good will, rather people with bad karma.)



Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

March 24, 2010




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