Obama is a Nice Fellow, but My God, He is Naive



Obama is indeed a nice fellow.  He may yet prove to be our greatest American president.  And his being such a decent, caring person certainly helps him have high national approval ratings, which is good for liberal politics.  

The reason why I say he is naive is that look at his attempts to be bipartisan.  It really is a farce.  How can any liberal president be bipartisan with a Republican Party whose chief spokespersons are Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney?  These people are political extremists.  You're never going to get their cooperation.  They spend all their time trying to undermine liberalism in general and Obama in particular.  These people are so lost to the world of reasonableness that they constitute a danger to the United States.  And they have a redneck culture and way of thinking that is completely antithetical to decency. 

To have them return to power is to return the nation to the state of near-fascism that we just saved ourselves from by electing Obama. 

How are you going to get someone who despises you to work with you?  These right-wing extremists really are beyond the pale.  They support racism, near-fascism and torture all the while saying how wonderfully religious they are.  (Yeah, religious if you are worshipping the devil.)  We could have never dealt with the fascism of Germany, Italy and Japan in a nice rational way in World War II.  They were so beyond the pale that we had to kill them to exterminate the strength of their ideas.  It's like the Civil War in the USA.  We had to kill southerners to get them to act decently and stop slavery.  Even to this day most southerners still justify slavery in the old south. Such people who are so far to the right that they are fascists or slavery proponents had to be shot like mad dogs. 

I am not suggesting we kill the ultra right-wingers, but I do wish the government would be more committed to fighting right-wing extremism and terrorism.  You know we on the left are used to being kept tabs on by the government, so why can't they keep tabs and folders on all these right wing nuts?  It is a terrible injustice in the United States that the access to the legal right to abortion has been so successfully restricted by the right wing through their use of violence and murder.  And I bet you Mr. Bush gave not one penny (and probably took away money) or one ounce of encouragement to the fight against the right-wing extremists in the United States.  The mainstream Republican may not sanction violence but they certainly know the violence of the extreme right wing helps stifle the liberal laws they are so against. 

I am just wondering if liberals in the United States realize just how much we are despised and hated by the right wing?  Recently, I have started to get more hate mail from the extremist right wing for what I write.  These are not nice or even reasonable people!  They are prejudiced, narrow-minded, racist, hateful and perhaps even violent people.  I just don't see how one can be bipartisan with such people. 

So how does Obama propose to work on a bipartisan basis?  I am not inherently opposed to bipartisanship, but when the differences are so great between two groups, how is that possible?  And so far Obama has not been getting any bipartisan support.  That is absolutely no surprise to me.  But it seems to be a surprise to Obama.  Nice guy, but God he's naive. 

The only thing Obama can do is to hold out his hand to moderate Republicans (if there are any left) for he surely is never going to get any cooperation from the Republican Party.  These people are just too damn unreasonable.  They are too far gone.  They have chosen the path of prejudice and discrimination rather than fairness and equality.  They are for evil, not good. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

June 6, 2009


P.S.  It's terrible that Obama seems to be closing a blind eye to the war crimes committed by Bush-Cheney in their use of torture.  It's both immoral and illegal to ignore war crimes.  Obama's never going to get the supporters of torture to like him anyway!  Isn't this his problem of being naive?  You almost have to write-off these torture and war crime supporters as lost souls and try to work with people who have at least some shred of decency in them.   



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