Rt 78 Winding Road Before New Mexico White Sands National Monument Nature Walk Palo Duro State Park Heading Down Palo Duro Multiple Colored Cliffside Palo Duro Velvet Looking Cliff Caprock Canyon Prairie Dog with Mouth Full of Grass Rt 17 Long View West near Balmorhea Rt 17 Cattle Cutting Lesson Big Bend NP Rio Grande near Picnic Area Maxwell Scenic Drive Blue Bonnets & Castolon Maxwell Scenic Approaching Volcanic Whitish Rocks Maxwell Scenic Varied Shades of White & Red Big Bend NP St. Elena Canyon Rt 170 Waves of Color Rt 170 Light Colored Mesa Rt 170 & Rio Grande Together Looking North Guadalupe Mountains in Distance from Rt 54 Hueco Tanks South End of Laguna Prieta Hueco Tanks Canyon Trail