There are no Pundits on American Politics



Some weeks ago I read in the "liberal" newsmagazine Newsweek about America's top political pundits.  They list the pundits by, what else, the amount of money they are overpaid.  And, in America, the best paid must be the best political pundits.  The list of the pundits is a great reflection of our divided society.  Not surprisingly, the near-fascist and certainly racist Rush Limbaugh was number one.  So typical in a nation so divided by race.  Some of the right wing pundits are a little less objectionable than Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.  Bill O'Reilly is better because he doesn't always agree with the extreme version of right-wingers.  Just how sick and terrible is the USA is illustrated by Limbaugh being by far the highest paid of all these right-wing ignoramuses.  These people don't care in the least for anything like the real truth.  They have their own version of American society, politics, morals and history.  They don't care if their version of life is nonsense.  They prefer the lie to the truth because their lies are mainly racist, fascist and corrupt.

Certainly none of the right-wingers on the list could be pundits.  They just keep pounding out garbage and the people on their side don't care as long as it supports racism and proto-fascism.

The reason for the headline above is that almost no one even speaks about the real role of racism in all this, especially in the recent 2010 elections.   No surprise, but this election had the lowest percentage of whites voting for democrats in American history. 

But who talks about race?  The pundits will point out some of the demographic statistics of the elections, but they don't really analyze the meaning of race.  Instead of saying that the whites are greatly anti-black and anti-brown, they say that more whites are attracted to this outdated, ruinous laissez-faire version of economics, against which liberals have struggled for over a hundred years to kill.  No they prefer to blame Barack Obama.  His black skin probably does account for some of the poor white showing and turn-out for the Democrats, but just how much, no one knows.   But even the liberals say it's Obama's fault.


What was Obama's Fault?


Obama's fault was to decide to push heath care for his first choice.  The guy doesn't understand how racist American society is, so he goes for health care, instead of trying to fix the economic system. And the less educated whites and the white rich went ballistic on him.  The result is that America is much more openly racist than before Barak Obama came into office.  Look at what Limbaugh gets away with now?  The Republicans have become more extremely racist than before and their party is trying to elect idiots to posts in the American government.  We had a string of idiotic, racist, anti-Mexican Republican candidates up for election, most of them tied to the tea baggers.

The country is fast going to hell.   It's fast becoming poorer, more-racist and more idiotic.  The only thing Obama and the Democrats can do is to engage in a secret "benign neglect" of the minorities, at least until the whites' temper-tantrum lessens. 

How can a liberal win anything in a racist, near-fascist country like the United States?

Well, if liberals refuse to call the Republicans racists, there is really no effective way of combating these people.  George Wallace always used to talk about states rights and not anti-black attitudes and beliefs.  Did anyone on the left really think that Wallace was not motivated primarily by racism?   Even David Duke knew better than to use anti-black rhetoric, because he knew the charge of racism would stop him in his tracks. 

Liberals are scared to stand up and speak out against the racism that motivates today's conservatives.  They actually seem to believe the lies of the whites that they are just motivated by an economic philosophy that is outdated and harmful.  How naive (or scared) are these liberals?

The refusal to cooperate with Obama on the part of the Republicans is the most obvious sign of racism, but what liberal calls the Republicans racist?  Frankly, I think they are scared of the power of the whites, as the liberals in Germany became scared of the power of the fascists.  Hitler never won anymore than 33% percent of the vote.  That's not enough of a percentage to elect someone in the United States to be president.  But once the fascists got a good toehold in German politics, they used their racism, extremism and violence to really frighten the liberals.  And they should have been afraid.  Our liberals should be frightened too, but I don't think there is much support among liberals for standing up to the racism that primarily motivates the Republicans. 

Remember that Hitler gained support being a racist and a bigot and he was backed by big industrialists.  He had the rabble and the money and this enabled him, along with violence, to become the supreme ruler in Germany.  (The next Hitler will be a savvy politician and will cover his or her true motivations in nice sounding phrases like our Republicans do.  Oh, liberals have conveniently let themselves off the hook by saying no once should use a fascist scenario to fight against the racist conservatives.)

How dare he call us racists?  Well, if your whole political life you have tried to defeat every possible piece of legislation that really could help the people of color, you're a racist.  And this is true of most of the Americans in the Republican party.  They want blacks to stay in a lower social position in a kind of semi-caste system and they would appreciate it if this system would also incorporate the browns.  They would rather see the country in another recession because they will let the wealthy run wild again if they get back in real power.  And another recession might just give them the boost they need to capture enough power to really to do real damage to the USA.  The Republicans are contemptible, but what liberal has the cojones to say it?  (Certainly not Obama.)




Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

November 22, 2010

Thank goodness for MSNBC and its liberals.  But even these people that I admire don't really talk enough about the role of racism in all this. 



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