What is My Contribution? 

A Devotion to the Truth Regardless of Where It Goes (A Brief Summary)


Here are some truths that many people reject because they do not find it nice enough or because it is politically unacceptable.

1.  The universe is around 14-15 billion years old.  (Many conservatives get offended at this because it doesn't agree with the Bible.)

2.  The theory of the evolution of life is absolutely true.  (Many conservatives reject this truth.)

3.  The social sciences are largely based on a lie, because all too many of the social scientists reject that evolution applies to human beings and even to their brains and thinking.  Starting with a lie, they end with many untruths.  (They invented a myth of the all importance of culture to replace the myth of Adam and Eve.) 

4.  Most people don't care about the truth  -- a truth based on the hard sciences, and especially evolution.  As any book marketer might tell you, there is no market for the truth.  You can write conservative lies, "objective" lies or liberal (even communist) lies, but you can't write the full truth because no one wants to hear it.  Many believe that the truth is immoral and should not be written about.  In a sense, they believe that anyone who tries to follow it fully is morally irresponsible.

5.  Much of the rejection of the truth is based on religious grounds.  The world's religions are very primitive religions, because they are used to approve the greatest cruelties of humans against other humans.  A true Moses would have brought down twenty commandments and not just ten.   The second ten would make it a sin to be prejudiced and discriminatory against other groups of humans based on their religion, ethnicity, race, sex, sexual preference, age, social class, etc.  It cannot be true that the liberal version of the constitution of man should be or are more humane than the God of the Christians, Muslims, etc.  Many humans sin in the name of God, because it is an unjust version of God that they worship. 

6.  The social sciences (cultural anthropology, sociology, political science, history) are not devoted to the truth but rather to the currently acceptable liberal version of the truth.  The social sciences are liberal "moral philosophy" rather than science or truth.  They believe that it is more important to support a liberal version of moral philosophy than to search for the truth.  

7.  The politicization of the social sciences makes most of the writings of the social scientists suspect.  They want a "moral" social science rather than a true one. 

8.  A true social science needs to be created because a "moral" social science that is not based on truth is not worthy of respect.  Most of what is published in the social science is politically acceptable lies.  The social sciences need to start accepting evolution as applied to man and this means accepting that humans are very morally weak as a result of this evolution.  Social scientists prefer to believe that most of the evil in man is brought about only through bad culture and bad social structure and not at all by the natural evolutionary nature of humans. 

9.  The social sciences must reject writing and research done in a politically acceptable way.  They have to make a commitment to the truth wherever it takes them.

10.  Some of the most glaring lies of the social sciences deal with the nature of the political nature of our societies.  They deliberately reject a truer estimation of the great influence of such forces as race, ethnicity and class.  I have worked primarily on illustrating the importance of race and racial prejudice and discrimination in affecting the very nature of societies in such countries as the United States, Brazil and Mexico.  In essence, there is an agreement among both conservatives and liberals to deny the harsh truth that race has deeply, completely affected these societies and others.  It is not a "conspiracy" but rather a culture of accepting what is only politically acceptable.  As one of my supporters wrote to me, the truth, unfortunately, is very ugly.  (Yes, and that's why people prefer the lie.) 

11.   I think I successfully combined the social control and social change/revolution models.  There is a connection between the different elements of society and a sort of social equilibrium because that is the way the societies and institutions are designed.  Social control is strictly maintained in societies by those who rule or govern them.  This equilibrium is not the result of natural forces, but the result of deliberate designs so that social institutions maintain themselves as those in control so desire them to be.  But in all societies there is always some form of injustice that is inherent there.  There is a constant struggle by those who are disadvantaged against those who are very privileged.  So there is this constant flux between social control and social change, which are both present in societies. 

12.  It is my "moral" obligation to speak up for the truth because, frankly, liberal and conservative truth is not very "moral" at all.  It tolerates a great deal of cruelty of humans to one another by being like religion and having a primitive view of what is "moral".  (I have heard from some social scientists that they cannot write a truer version of the truth because they want to remain employed in the universities.  So we must count coercion as one of the liberal tools used to defend the primitive version of truth.)

It's not so much that the social scientists can't handle the truth, but that they won't even consider it, preferring their lies and justifying it as the "moral" thing to do. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

January 3, 2010


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