Liberal Hate Mail:  Why Liberals are Not Such Nice Guys, Even though They Think They Are



Liberals only think they are really nice people who are not closed-minded like the conservative rednecks that populate American political life.  But, if you are trying to get get a new paradigm established, the liberals are just as bigoted and nasty as the rednecks.  They are just liberal rednecks. 


Liberal Jim Meyer wrote me an e-mail about my statement in the biography of the Rev. Vernon Johns that the civil rights author Taylor Branch was disappointed in Johns by making a too provocative of  a statement at a gathering of local clergy.  The statement was really an accusation that the clergy are not committed to social change, but rather always cooperate with the conservatives to keep the then apartheid system of separate, but equal strong and healthy.  It's a very true statement but it upset the liberals because they think they are nice people trying to work for more racial equality.

I gave Jim a good answer, but like the liberal clergy, he doesn't like my Johnsian message.  So, like all too many liberals, he turns to liberal hatred and writes me a piece of hate-mail. 


First of all, I didn't ask you anything at all about the difference
between Johns and Branch.
Secondly, "traditional liberal" is a contradiction in terms.
Third, we now know that there is no such thing as a straight
line, only less curved lines. So if one travels far enough to
the left, one ends up on the right.
Last but not least, just as passion for carpentery does not make
a man a good builder, passion for a particular subject does not
a writer make.
I hope this answers any question you didn't ask me.
Have fun being a bitter, self-absorbed old bastard

Jim Myers


Since I get a lot of crappy, hateful responses from liberals, I want to give the liberals my response to Jim and say this will be my response to other hate mail.  (I must say I was so angered  by the e-mail that I could not keep my fingers steady enough on the computer keys for awhile to write a response.)


Well, Jimity Cricket Barb:
That was a very nasty e-mail, which just shows you that there's always an asshole out there who thinks he knows something, but he doesn't know anything.  You are just another fucking hate-mail writer like the rednecks who write me and are so offended that they probably would want to kill me.  You're just a liberal redneck. 
Your idiocy is so evident that I wonder if it's even worth it to answer you.
First, dummy, if you can remember, you asked me why I wrote that Branch was disappointed with Johns for speaking out at a meeting of religious leaders.  You just can't understand the difference between prophet and plain liberal like yourself who proudly talked about all the great progress we have made in our multicultural cultural era.  A liberal is a guy who stands around congratulating himself about how great the system (in the liberal version) is, while George  Bush II moved us back before the Great Depression in terms of social and economic equalilty.  Good job, liberal redneck! 
In fact, it's hard to talk to liberals like you.  You don't realize that all the social sciences are based on politically accepted lies and I explain why very well.  So you guys aren't even scientists and don't  believe in the scientific method.   Which makes you just another liberal liar.  (I already know the line fellow. I could probably write your political stands on every liberal issue of importance just from knowing the liberal paradigm.)
According to your political analysis, Johns would be as you described me.  You're so full of hatred and arrogance combined that your are one of those typical liberals who really get offended at what I write  because they are guilty of the idiocies of today's self-satisfied liberals that i write about.
I have already written about your type, so fucking typical, who is so closed-off to anything other than traditional liberal thought and can't think of anything original.  You are caught in your and other's liberal paradigm:   but if shit goes in, then shit comes out and I'm tired of your bullshit. 
Everything from cultural anthropology to history has to be rethought, but you're one of the blind assholes closed off to anything new.  I bet you thought you were different from the conservative rednecks!  Nope, you're just like them, but on the left.
Here you are, an idiot, who has not read my complete works and does not undetstand that this work is a statement that calls for a new liberal paradigm. Your're too puny of a thinker to even be fair to me. 
What are my sins compared to yours?  I am a virtual angel compared to you lying, self-loving liberals.   You guys are just so predictable that it's disgusting.  You're not even in the league with me as I have thought so far beyond your beloved liberal paradigm that has brought us only more hatred in racial relations and more inequality social and economic policies.  You guys ought to be fired as pretend pundits. 
You think you're smart, but you aren't.  You're just closed off, sonny. 
Your list of my bad character traits I already received from a fucking redneck bastard.  You two bastards ought to get together. 
Your bad characteristics:  arrogant, close-minded, a fake scientist and social scientist, insultingly rude, crude, totally wrong in your predictions of what will happen in the future, a bitch, a bastard, a punk and a redneck.  I could give you 100 adjectives. 
Hey, you are just like the rednecks who call Obama both a communist/socialist and a fascist.  You can't  be both things, jerk!  And Hitler was different from Stalin, asshole!
And what kind of name is jimitybarb anyway?  Jesus Christ, I shouldn't have wasted my time on you, asshole jerk. 
Patrick L. Cooney, Ph. D. Who's Who in America, got my name on the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, AL sponsored by the very liberal Southern Poverty Law School --  but I guess you would call these organizations asshole bastards too!  Hey, you would, being a redneck asshole, yourself. 
I am going to put this on-line to just tell liberals just how fucked up they are!  
Oh, fuck you.  I don't read hate-mail writers a second time.  You can write, it's a free country but it's not worth my time with you.
Oh, thanks for letting me blow off some steam. 


You liberals are just so deliberately blind and deliberately thick.  To be this blind and thick is proof that the really arrogant people are the liberals who think they already have the answers to all our problems.  (Please read my essay SOCIOLOGY AS POLITICALLY ACCEPTABLE LIES so you understand the grounds from my claims.)


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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