I Warned You Know-It-Alls About the Dangerous Effects of a Racist Supreme Court on American Politics





Back in 1994 I self-published a book I wrote that warned of the great conservative backlash and how it will poison all of American Society, Economy and Politics.  And back in the 1960s I warned my liberal friends of the coming conservative backlash.  I saw all of this coming our way, while the liberals and the radicals said I was completely misguided.  American liberals and radicals are absolutely blind about reality and won't accept reality, but rather use moral philosophy instead of science to judge what is reality. 

In the 1994 book (website number three on the websites connected to the Vernon Johns Society macro-website) I suggested that the Supreme Court was going racist and we should take the selection of Supreme Court judges out of politics.  I grew up in the South.  I knew how nasty they were by long years of personal observation of people who just loved to use the "N" word.  I knew the racism in the South was just getting worse as they abandoned the liberal party and went to the Republican Party with its racist Southern Strategy.

I don't know of any other writer who has been so on top of what was coming as myself.    Liberals and radicals don't really want to run afoul of the power structure and lose their jobs on the altar of truth.  They actually have very little freedom of speech because they censor themselves.  As I spoke out against racism, the liberals would warn me that I would be black-balled for what I was saying.  I was too "radical".  This whole time from the late 1960s, I have been right, but being correct isn't what is wanted.  How else do you explain while I was yelling out what was happening, all the liberals were talking about was the importance of using the politically correct words.  That kind of thinking did black-ball me.  Liberals are fools! 

In 1994 I called for a new civil rights movement because of these ugly trends coming upon us.  But, no, not even in the civil rights community did I get support.  They were believing this crap that we were entering an age that was beyond racism.   They could only see the "progress" they were making.  What idiots!  As they watched the tide roll out and praised the progress of civil rights, I saw that the tide was going out because a tidal wave of racism was coming in.   I saw it!  But liberals didn't!

And now will the liberals finally wake up?  The Supreme Court just gutted the civil-rights legislation.  It clears the way for more action by the racists to limit or stop the voting by blacks and browns.  More and more anti-black voting rules will be put up in the Southern and other rural communities, especially in the Mid-West.

Congratulations liberals:  you got your debate-ending politically correct words in place,  but your civil rights legislation has been gutted by a racist Supreme Court. 


Now let's see if you liberals can wake up and actually start another civil rights movement.



I love saying "I told you so" to let the liberals know how worthless their punditry has been!   And how they shouldn't censor freedom of speech to keep their moral philosophies as the dominant ones in the country. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

June 25, 2013, Black Tuesday for freedom