I Did Warn You about the Republicans:  First Down-Grading of Credit Rating in U.S. History


The Republicans have gotten away with holding the economy hostage and the end result of their infantile refusal to cooperate on revenue increases has led to this credit debacle. 

And knowing how the Republican Party is so characterized by right-wing extremism, I doubt the party will take any of the blame.  They will continue on their racist path, lie to themselves and everyone else and blame it all on the black-man in the White House. 

But for those of you who are willing to be rational and pay attention to the difference between truth and a falsehood, here is a little historical reminder of what got us to this point. 

The Republican Party has been getting more and more extremist ever since 1964/1965 when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Legislation.  The racist South then switched over to the Republicans because the Republican Party was becoming the party of the whites (especially white males).  Then the Mid-West started following the Republicans and became more racist. 

The Republican Party starting ruining the U.S. economy and politics with President Ronald Reagan.  He always gave the same conservative lecture for GE supporting the old, cast-off, foolish idea of laissez-fare capitalism.  The adoption of this doctrine as the guide for our economic policies led to the corruption of Wall Street (nobody was checking on them) and the corruption of American politics by rich people's money.

Democratic President Bill Clinton fared pretty well with the Republicans compared to what hell Barrack Obama has been put through.  And that's because he was white and because he didn't have a big policy that would help the blacks and browns disproportionately.  (Although, Hilary Clinton did try to bring about health-care reform.)

Then George W. Bush becomes president and skyrockets the nation's debt.  His policies were anti-black (such as virtually shutting down the Civil Rights section of the government).  Then Bush with 9/11 decides to occupy Afghanistan rather than just bomb key terrorist targets.  Afterwards, then he lies himself and the USA into a totally unnecessary war in Iraq.  And again he decides to occupy Iraq.  He then gives enormous tax cuts to the wealthiest people in the United States.  No wonder we are in debt big-time.

Because of the Bush era, the United States was in danger of going into an economic depression.  (We now know the situation was actually worse than we originally thought.)  Now we know the stimulus package should have been bigger, but the Republicans wouldn't have stood for that given their laissez-faire idiocy.

If Obama made a mistake it was pushing for health-care reform.  (I personally don't see it as a mistake.  My thought is come on Republicans and show us just show racist you racists are.)  The USA liberals kept underestimating the degree of racism in the country.  Black and browns would proportionately do better than the whites under the health-reform.  And since the conservative whites always see things in terms of black-and-white, the real extremism of the Republicans now raised it's head with the ludicrous Tea Party.  Frankly, this anti-democratic group is so far to the right and represents such a threat to the United States, that it must be called fascist.  Liberals may say this is going too far, but they can never see what's really going because they see the world through rose-tinted glasses of the politically correct approach to the world.  What fools they were to think we were in a post-racist world! 

The Tea Party has tainted the Republican Party and made it come extremely close to fascism (and I think we could call the Republican Party fascists since they follow the lead of the Tea Party and Fox News).

The racist Republicans decided to declare war on the black-man in the White House.  They have told us that their first priority is to destroy Barrack Obama.  And they have kept their word, being so unreasonable as to stymie most of Obama's dreams.  But they don't just want to stymie Obama and the Democrats, but to totally wreck all Democratic policies.  The problem is that these narrow-minded people don't see that if you completely destroy Obama, you partially destroy the USA. 

And now the uncompromising party supporting its ridiculous policy of no new taxes has led to our first ever credit down-rating.

More facts about the fascist or neo-fascist Republican Party:

1.  The debt ceiling crisis was a self-generated controversy.  Never before in US history has the debt ceiling been a serious bone of contention.  It was seen as something that was just done automatically (using only one page of paper).  But given the racist view of the Republicans motivating them to try to ruin the Democrats, they created an ugly, ugly crisis.  The Republican leaders acted like little babies in saying my way or the highway.  It was a disgusting display of American politics. 

2.  Most Republicans lied and said there is not going to be a credit crisis.  They are professional liars to themselves and everyone else and even thought they could get away with the Big Lie of no consequences for irresponsible political and economic conduct.

3.  The Republicans were so far a-field of what was going to happen, that one has to conclude that there is something very rotten and very mistaken about the conservative people and their party.  And, furthermore, you have to conclude that these extremists should never be allowed to rule the USA (at least not until they abandon much of their racism and extremism). 

4.  The Republicans deliberately kept this crisis going down to the wire and that made the USA look idiotic not only in the rest of the world, but in the USA too.  (Most of the world agrees with and wants American liberals to run the country because they know how crazy the Republicans are.  The Republicans don't really care what their Democratic partners in the USA or most of all the other people in the world think.  They seem to love their underdog status as the Republicans against the World.  (And this is just like their conservative predecessors, Southern whites in the American Civil War and in the campaign to stop the American apartheid system.) 

Personally, I thought the credit agencies should down-grade America's credit rating, because the whole country has been already so down-graded by the Republicans.  And I do get a kick out of telling the Americans and anyone else who will listen:  "I told you so."  And now maybe the liberals will get serious and down-grade the Republican Party to a rating of fascism. 

The Republicans are going to ruin the USA with their racist-inspired policies.  I am a "real" patriot, not the Republicans, because I never wanted to see America have to pay more money for all types of credit.  The Republicans pushed so hard that they showed the world that the USA can't control their right-wing extremists and, therefore, deserve a credit down-grading.  Those bastards were even willing to see the USA get a credit down-grading just to get their way.  And they did, indirectly.  So, in Republican terms, I guess we should congratulate the Republican Party for their great success.  Congratulations!


P. S.  Is Boehner still happy about getting 98% of what he wanted.  Yeah, you also got us a worse credit rating. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

August 6, 2011