God's Had His Say: Now Let's Hear from the Devil

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. d., March 22, 2009


One can never fully trust the media.  They are always tainted by the drive for profit.  And controversy yields profits, so controversy is used as a means of getting more money.  If God could be interviewed by the media, after His say, they would trot out the Devil to have equal or more say because he would be controversial and make more money for the media.  And when money is involved, higher concerns fall to the side of the road. 

And that's kind of what's happening with our media as regards our current economic crisis.  For the second time, the Devil (the Republican Party) has created depression (or near depression on their second attempt) thanks to their conservative ideology of laissez-faire economics.  They push the idea that capitalism should be largely unregulated and that any government that seriously tries to regulate capitalism is a bad government. 

Now from American history we know (or should know) that laissez-faire economics is a farce.  Unregulated capitalism will result in catastrophe every time.  After the Civil War unregulated capitalism produced great economic iniquities with a system dominated by a few Robber Barons with vast wealth.  The mansions of this era can still be seen in such places as Long Island and the Hudson River shore, as well as Newport, Rhode Island.  Unregulated capitalism will always result in the misuse and abuse of capitalism itself.  Unregulated capitalism results in the very negation of the economic system that the conservatives say they love so much because the wealthy create a different economic system that is not really free capitalism.  We already saw in the Age of the Robber Barons how free capitalism is replaced by monopoly capitalism and consequent great inequalities between rich and poor. 

The Progressive Age came along (taking effect nationally with a renegade Republican Theodore Roosevelt) to undo some of the terrible iniquities created by the Republican Party and their Robber Baron supporters.  American politics and economics had become corrupted by the alliance of the Republican Party and the Robber Barons both entirely corrupted by money.  Progressive legislation finally broke the tyranny of the Republican Age of the Robber Barons.  (And Woodrow Wilson helped the nation out with the progressive income tax.)

So the Democrats primarily restored free capitalism by undoing what the corrupt Republicans had done to it.  The Democrats restored a free capitalism from a monopoly capitalism (the latter of which isn't really capitalism at all, since the system is fixed).  The system worked better for a short while. 

But the Devil is always at work and the system of free capitalism came under attack again with the reappearance of Republican dominance in politics and economics.  With the Republicans dominating the post-Progressive Era they once again left free (or freer) capitalism to the greed and conniving of the rich and wealthy (the Republican Party's primary financial support).  Free capitalism became corrupted again and this time virtually the whole economic system collapsed with the Great Depression.

And what did the Republicans says about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he tried to get us out of trouble?  They called Roosevelt a socialist and worse.  And the Republican-dominated Supreme Court worked to stymie Roosevelt at each turn.  Roosevelt was so angry and desperate that he attempted to "pack" the Supreme Court.   Ah, those Republicans since Lincoln are always for the rich and wealthy. 

The Republican Party was punished by the voters for the Great Depression.  As a result of typical Republican corruption, they were politically kicked out of control of the executive branch of government for five executive terms of the presidency.  It was only when prosperity returned (thanks to the Democrats and WWII) that the Republicans could return to power, but this was only for war hero Dwight David Eisenhower who was always a great compromiser, and not an ideologue. But the Democrats came back with Kennedy and Johnson.

The sin of Kennedy and Johnson in the eyes of the majority of whites in this country is that they helped release black people from an apartheid type system of racial injustice.  The majority of white males still vote for Republicans for the presidency because they don't want any more of this equality stuff.  The whites punished the Democrats by voting in the Republicans for the presidency in 7 out of the 10 presidential terms from 1968 to 2008.  It was another era dominated by the Republican Party. 

But when the Republicans are in dominance, they help the economically wealthy in general to corrupt capitalism.  Starting with Reagan they began a serious age of de-regulation.  Believing their own lies saying that they are freeing capitalism from those demon Democrats, they promptly turned the economic system over to the greedy who transformed it once again into a system of corrupt monopoly capitalism.  So they created a Second Age of the Robber Barons.  So what else could have one expected from them given their history?

 I certainly knew this was going to happen and wrote in my first political book that we were going to have to have the Progressive economic debate all over again.  But it's not primarily the fault of economic ideology.  What is to blame is the racism of the white electorate which kept them voting for the Republican Party.  The less economically advantaged whites (compared to the wealthy whites) were more concerned about their economic and social status vis-a-vis the blacks and other minorities than they were concerned about how much corruption their selfish desires were creating in the overall economic and political system.  Yes, the Republican Party is bad, but it's bad because it is the creation of a people motivated by the negative and self-destructing force of trying to not only stop but turn back time to greater class and racial inequality.  People with such base motives always create an objectionable economic and political ideology that purports to justify their evil and disastrous policies.  It's all a bunch of lies, but when they have the power, people of good sense have no real say or are ignored.  The Republican Party became a bully silencing the liberal voice of reason with the threat of misusing their political and economic power to further punish the Democrats for their belief in equality.  With good reason, the liberals became cowardly and largely stayed silent.  Unfortunately.

But now the pretenses and nonsense of the Republican Party has come to home to roost.  They shot themselves in the foot as they always do.  And we now are in our second greatest economic crisis. So how did that reign of laissez-faire economic thinking turn out for you America?  Damn bad, wouldn't you say?  

So now when even the whites are in bad economic straights, as always, they turn a bit more to the Democrats to save them from what their base motives created.  They turn enough to bring in the Democrats via Barrack Obama into dominance over the executive and legislative branches. 

And once again, as with FDR, the Republicans bitch and complain about socialism, knowing full well that Obama is not a socialist.  But, once again, what could one expect from the Republican Party?  Can a leopard change it's spots?  No.  (But Republicans could use deceit and dishonesty to make a big part of the public believe the leopard is just an over-grown kitty cat.)  True to their corrupt nature, they go on and on with their lies.  Among my favorites are the lame attempts by the Republicans to blame the Democrats for the current economic mess.  Hey, why do they stop there? Why don't they rewrite American economic history to say it was the Democrats who caused the economic problems that led to the Progressive Era, as well as the Great Depression?  (They probably already have somewhere and I just don't know about it.)   Those weak-kneed Democrats were too scared to put up much of a fight against the dominant Republicans.  They went along, as they went along when Reagan started a national bashing of those who opposed the unnecessary war in Vietnam.  (If the Democrats really had the economic power and weren't afraid of using it, they would have made the system fairer and thus protected free capitalism.  But they didn't have the power and they were scared.)

Capitalism rejected free capitalism for a monstrous form of capitalism that has brought economic collapse.  Only the Rednecks and the wealthy, together with their spokesmen, the Republicans, could believe otherwise.   

Since the lessons of economic history are so clear, why do we give the monstrous Republican Party so much air time in our media?  Because of greed, naturally. 

I have been watching television a lot and have noticed how the Republicans have dominated the economic debate lately.  One reason is just because they are so nasty and so vocal about their opposition (and so desperate to get back into power).  And the media loves nasty people who are vocal.  It creates controversy and controversy sells.  It rewards the Rednecks and the wealthy and it upsets the rest of us so we are scared that the Republicans might get their way and really finish us off.  So both groups watch more media because both groups are scared that the other might gain more power.  And so the media put one idiotic Republican spokesman after another on television so they can spread their vitriol and lies.  Even the liberal media like a Chris Matthews bring on spokesman after spokesman for the conservatives which creates doubts in people's minds that the president's economic programs can work.  It makes money for the media, but it certainly makes it harder for decency and prosperity. 

So I say, the media would probably give the Devil more than equal time (even if the broadcasters disagreed with the positions of the Devil) to respond to any attention garnered by the messages of God.  (The conservative Fox Network is just out of it, thinking the Devil is God and God is the Devil.  So they have only the Devil on the air.  But the Devil is on the air saying that he is God and their audience believes it already, so there's no problem.)  The Devil and his disciples would be trotted out to create controversy to make money for the media, regardless of any deleterious effect this would have on human beings as a whole.  Those not already in league with the Devil would be wracked by doubt.  Maybe the Devil is God and God is the Devil?  Or maybe the Devil is a necessary character, like going to the dark side was "necessary" during the "war" on "terror". 

Obama has had to come out of his office and onto television because of the outspoken and nasty conservatives and their dominance of the media for the purposes of controversy.  (And then the media have the nerve to say that Obama is wearing out his image.)  Don't they realize it is the media itself that drove Obama into the spotlight of the news?  People who do bad things don't like to question the effects of their actions.  So the media prolongs the economic crisis by spreading doubt and confusion without much of a thought as to what they are doing and why.

To fight back the liberals are going to have to become less weak-kneed.  The Republicans have a disgusting economic history and have created our third period of bad economic times and yet the Democrats can't get up and say this?  Talk such as mine would create a great deal of controversy, but the Democrats are probably still too unsure of themselves and afraid of the electoral consequences if they spoke the truth to lies.

So I guess I will have to keep on having to see and hear on the media for quite a long time to come the Devil speaking as if he were God and God the Devil.


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