Glenn Beck's White Racism: 

Glenn and other White Right Wingers See Themselves as a Minority being abused by the Real Minorities and the Government



Right wing extremists are clearly intellectually dishonest, as well as just plain ridiculous.  It is hard to take their racist ideology seriously, but we must because the white right wingers are angry people who think they are the real minorities, abused by blacks and browns and others with the aide of the government which is, according to them, very pro-people of color. 

It's silly to have to say, but white people in the United States are not a minority.  Just in number of people, the whites make up the majority of American citizens.  Of all the various groups in the USA, whites have the most political, economic and social power.  They are the ones most likely to get the best educations and the best jobs.  Therefore, it is simply ridiculous for whites to be dishonest enough to proclaim themselves a minority.   They are not a minority.  They make up the power elite in the United States. 

It is absolutely shameless for Glenn Beck to declare that whites are a minority that are now being terribly abused by the colored majority.  He tries to cloak his racist feelings and beliefs underneath the mantle of the Civil Rights Movement in general, and of Martin Luther King, Jr., in particular.   Beck sees how powerful the believe in equal rights has been around the world and so he wants to take some of that luster that comes from what are really progressive movements.  Martin Luther King should be turning over in his grave when listening to a man like Beck.  White racism is trying to hide itself under King's beautiful words and they should be called out for this. 

This type of white racist reasoning seems to apply to all Republicans, from the murderers of the American right wing extremists to the Congressional spokespersons for the conservatives of the mainly Republican party.  Because declaring themselves a minority has swept up virtually the entirety of the conservative movement, right wing extremists constantly get encouragement for their extremist actions from Republican Congressional and other spokespersons. 

We only have to take a re-look at the hearings on Sonia Sotomayor, nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court to see the workings of the new racist ideology of whites.  Conservative senators had the nerve to spout their racism out boldly and confidently in the judicial hearings.  They had the audacity to ask the nominee if she hated white people?  Here the conservatives are placing themselves in the role of blacks and are claiming that white people are victims of prejudice and discrimination from the colored minorities.  The white senators seem to be projecting their own racist view of life upon the real minorities, who suffer intensely from white prejudice and discrimination against them.  And then there was the case of the conservative journalist who deliberately re-edited a talk of a black woman (Shirley Sherrod) given to a meeting of the N.A.A.C.P. to make it seem like the woman was acting like white racists in being unfair, prejudiced and discriminatory (but in this case, to white people).   Lots of white racists were quick to grab onto the story because they desperately want some real data verification of their belief that they are the ones being mistreated in the USA.

It's disappointing that even the liberals in the media do not denounce this "whites as a poor, abused minority" nonsense.  The liberals keep acting like they have no clue as to what motivates these supporters of men like Glenn Beck and women like Sarah Palin.  They desperately try not to mention racism as the primary motivator of speakers like Beck.  So many white people think the government is their enemy because government has improved the position of minorities by not being as racist as past American governments were.   But conservatives just can't bring themselves to see it that way. 

Feeling themselves so aggrieved (even if it is not really true), it's no wonder there has been such an increase in white right wing extremists groups.  And they get encouragement for their views from spokespersons like Beck and Palin.  Beck avoided really offending the liberals by being very general in his speech.   But we know who he is talking about.  Those who have brought "darkness" to America are the liberals and the minorities, Beck and his fellow believers insist.   The white "way of life" has been criticized and derided and they are mad.  Instead of working toward greater equality, the whites just want to keep the power that they are so privileged to enjoy.  They feel like they are surrounded by strange, minority persons and liberals, and the situation is worsening for them. 

The white conservatives can't agree with liberals that progress is made in human civilization by increasing the degree of equality between human beings.  Rather than treat all humans equally, the conservatives only want to fight the demographic changes because they want to remain in their white world.  They don't believe that all men are created equal.  They believe they must fight to protect their white world of privilege. 

Here's hoping that liberals will wake up and see the racism in the ideology of the abuse of whites by the minorities of color.  Beck, like so many other conservatives, knows he can't say what he is really thinking, because he and the other conservatives  would be clearly denounced around the world for their racism.  So the conservatives beat around the bush with their words, but they know the real meaning of the nice "code words" they use:  "Whites unite!  Fight the colorization of the United States and the decline of the privileges enjoyed by whites."



Patrick Louis Cooney, August 30, 2010




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