Fascist Donald Trump:  Too Much for the Liberals to Handle




American liberals are too optimistic and untruthful about the American political system that they are inept to hand fascist Trump.  Given their overly optimistic attitude about the country, they are disarmed in dealing with fascism.  Liberals are so Pollyannaish that they even declared on liberal media that no one can ever speak of fascism because no one can be compared to Hitler in the United States.  With this attitude, the liberals have disarmed themselves in the fight against the fascist rednecks. 

Donald Trump has made the liberal media look foolish.  Once upon a time, liberals could destroy a presidential candidate with almost the wave of their dismissive hands.  They shut down Edmund Muskie by just declaring Muskie's breakdown over a dirty trick, played on him by the Republic Party's dirty trick's squad that led to the collapse of Muskie's momentum early in the 1972 election campaign, who proclaimed that his tears were proof that he was unqualified to be the President of the United States.  In 1967 Michigan Governor George W. Romney's campaign was ended by liberal media people simply by saying he changed his mind about supporting the Vietnam War because the American military had brain-washed him.  This was using the wrong words to describe his change of mind, but I didn't think it was a problem.  But the liberal media declared that Romney was not fit to be President of the United States and Romney disappeared.  I distinctly remember having the feelings at the times that the liberal media had too much power over the political progress.  Those days, however, are long gone.

The liberal media now are powerless to stop Trump who has said things that are absolutely morally reprehensive, but the media can not stop Trump.  Trump simply tells everyone that he will not even apologize for saying outright racist comments.  The liberals can complain, but they can't stop him.  The adoration of Trump's supporters is certainly as blind as the adoration of the German supporters of Hitler and Hitler was extremely racist.  The problem is that Trump's supporters are just as racist and stupid as Trump is.  These people are as disgusting as their idol Trump.

Trump is a narcissist.  He uses and misleads the people that work for or with him.  He is abusive of both his male and female employees.  Trump is a liar and a manipulator.  He doesn't care if his statements are lies and the media is powerless to do anything about his lies.  Trump's followers don't care how many lies Trumps tells them.  They are like Hitlerites following their master regardless of how disgusting Trump can be.  Trump is very childish.  He is a bully yelling childish insults at his opponents, while telling lies about them.

Trump has already shown everyone how terrible he would be with world leaders.  He has alienated many of Britain's leaders already.  What a knuckle-head.  He seems much more friendly with the leaders of Russia and North Korea.    

The real scary think is that one cannot be sure of what a President Trump would do.  He and his fascists don't seem to have any respect for the constitution of the United States.  Trump is capable of pushing anti-constitutional bills.  Once Hitler was in power, he became a dictator while laughing at his opponents total weakness to stop him.  


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D., May 25, 2016