Didn't I Tell You the Republicans Were a Bunch of Bastards? 

When Will the Liberals Wake Up to the Threat of Republican Racism?




Liberal journalists as well as other liberals are really starting to complain about the Republicans.  They complain and complain and complain and yet they still don't see the greater truth behind our terrible political situation brought about by the radical extremism of the Republic core.  If they are to be anything more than whiners, they have to realize that Republicans have become the equivalent of slave holders, radical secessionists, KKK supporters and anti-Civil Rights radicals.   The present political problems are absolutely nothing new, but just a continued effort among racist whites to make sure they will always be the top dogs in the USA. 

The wickedness of the contemporary racists is seen in the Republicans' continued insistence of constantly trying to block all liberal change and to destroy our democracy in their belief that only a Republican president is a legitimate president.  These people (as Lee called the northerners) have become so radical that they threaten the economic and political health of the United States.  These people are very dangerous people and this thought must become generally accepted among the liberals, if we are ever going to save the USA from economic and political destruction. 

Let's stop talking about conservatives as if they were telling us anything but a cover-up of lies to hide their basic racism and inner evilness.  They support states rights because they know the power of the federal government will be used to increase economic and political equality in this nation.  That is why they hate the federal government.   The Republicans make up all kinds of conspiracy stories to say that the Democrats are trying to take over all power in the country.   They make up a fantastical world that then justifies their hatred of the government.  They deliberately foster a paranoid perception of reality among racists and other rednecks.  They then use these stories to justify doing ridiculous things like not supporting a banning of assault weapons and magazines that hold 30 or more bullets.  These Republicans are heartless and idiotic without any common sense at all.  If there are no limits on the power of killing weapons, the USA is going to lose a lot more of its children to mass killers.  There are lots of crazy people in the USA, but why provide them with such high levels of killing potential?

And why do we let these Republicans talk about overthrowing the United State government?   I thought that was the official definition of being a traitor.  They say they need the most powerful weapons in their hands so they can take up arms against the United States.  They want to kill as many of their fellow Americans as possible when the time comes for the revolution to begin.  In fact, you could say they hate the United States because they don't always get their racist wishes. 

The Republicans don't want to give money to the northern states that fought against them during the Civil War.  They wickedly reason that people in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut don't need any assistance because they are all ready rich enough.  And they again lie about their reasons for their disgusting political maneuvers.  Their current rationalization is that they have to offset the recovery money by more spending cuts.  And, of course, they will be totally unreasonable about how much spending they want cut out of the federal budget.  These mostly southern and rural bastards are going to keep this kind of dastardly politics up for the long run, not the short run. 

Why do we let the Republicans hold the entire nation hostage to their evil wants and desires?  And why do commentators still make up excuses and apologies for these wicked people? 

And yet Liberals still have to be very polite to these idiots and not call them what they are: racist obstructionists.  That's why I can't stand American liberals.  They are always talking out of both sides of their mouths in a pretend game that the Republican Party is even a civilized party at all.  They are always constrained by the repressive American political system not to go too far and call a racist a racist. 

The American south has always been an evil influence on American politics.  And southerners continue to present the nation with a long string of political crises.   Their fight for slavery, then for economic slavery and for continued racism just goes on and on.  And their bullshit of states rights and other objections to any fair legislation is allowed to go on and on.  Don't you ever get tired of listening to people say that many people who believe in states rights are genuinely concerned about the rights of states and not the continuation of racism?   I feel like throwing up on people who say this with a straight face.  (These people are more concerned about their own futures rather than the future of the USA or of world human rights.)

Not only is the American south a danger to the United Sates, it is also a danger to the entire world.  The South blocks any real, serious considerations of the battle against climate change and this hurts everybody in the world, not just the United States.  Because the USA is the most powerful nation on earth, the terrible influence of the American south on the United States continues to hurt liberal changes to the world in attempts to correct world problems.     


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 

January 15, 2013