The Cooney Paradigm is Closer to the Truth than Any Other Paradigm


One reason why this is true is that humans are not interested in the truth. In the social sciences, the stress is on the best moral philosophy, not the best science.

The Cooney-Paradigm is a better predictive paradigm than any in the social sciences. If you look at my earliest writings, that go back more than 20 years, I predicted the ever worsening of the political situation as the South became more and more racist. While the liberals were celebrating victory, so to speak, the Cooney-Paradigm predicted the current trouble we find ourselves in within the USA. The social scientists can't predict the future because they live in a liberal bubble that keeps them blind about what is really going on.

The liberals have a liberal agenda. I'm what you would call a radical-liberal who does not want to pretend that a politically correct language will ever get us anywhere except in political trouble because we can't face the truth. While the racist Republicans have been working like little devils to create a more racist USA, the liberals have been deep in sleep.

The social scientists are anti-evolution and thus very, very blind. They will not even consider evolution as applied to the mind of human beings, no matter how many thousands of scientific studies prove the evolutionary model. The social scientists are not interested in the truth because it violates their political-moral philosophy.

The liberals are great censors of material that does not agree with the predominant moral philosophy or that directly challenges their moral philosophy. The problem is that the moral philosophy helps foster the return of virulent racism in the USA.

American social science is very poor because it won't fully acknowledge the role of race and racism on the American political-economic-social structure. They prefer the nice lie to the truth. This is why we have a conservative version of racism in the USA and a liberal version of racism in the USA. Just as in the old days Southern liberals were all part of the system of racism. I'll give you an example of racism in sociology. I couldn't teach a course in sociology dealing with the overweening importance of racism in the USA, because it would "upset" the white kids. Well, if you can't upset anybody, I guess there's not much hope for any real change in America's racist system. It's just plain liberal racism.

Another reason why the Cooney-Paradigm is superior to the others is that it has a higher moral code than what exists in the world today. Millions of Christians can be open racists, sexists, anti-gay, anti-Mexican immigrants, etc. without ever having a religious code that says that these are the equivalent of mortal sins. You cannot be anti-all-kinds-of-people and hope to ever get any form of grace in this life (or the next).

Human beings today are too easy on themselves. Their moral codes are not high-minded enough and we suffer because of this.

So why don't you stop being so arrogant and at least consider the possibility that our liberal versions of the truth could be farther from the truth than anyone, except me, realizes.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

August 21, 2012

I have written so much that most people can't understand what I'm talking about because I have challenged so much of what people take for the truth.  It's hard to explain one piece of the whole paradigm at a time, when most people have all kinds of wrong notions on what's the truth.