Christmas letter

December 22, 2016


In March of this year we decided to have a solar energy company install solar panels on our roof as another contribution to the fight against our long term weather woes. Our autumn has been very warm here in lower New York.

Rosemary has been taking piano lessons and plays everyday. Sheís doing pretty good, but she plays the songs very slowly. Nevertheless, she is getting faster day by day. Lately her piano teacher has been having heart problems and hasnít been around for quite a while.

Late May, Rosemary retired. She had a large turn-out for the retirement celebration. And the speakers on her behalf were overflowing with praise for her. She was the big woman on campus for the 43 years of service to Fordham University.

May 28 we took a ten day vacation to Death Valley, Mono Lake, Bristle cone park, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and Kingís Canyon NP, all in California. Rosemary took over a thousand pictures again. Yosemite was absolutely packed with hordes of visitors. I didnít like the crowds, but we did see a beautiful park.

In September we went on Medicaid and Medicare. There were a lot of problems Rosemary had to fix up to get us running smoothly on the system.

Rosemary started having the house fixed up and we were with the contractors for a good month of work or so. Got a new house painting too.

Rosemary joined the Westchester Photography Society. On Tuesday morning she has a photography class and on Friday night she has a society meeting. She has really been picking up knowledge on how to use the computer to improve her photos. She loves it.

In the autumn we went back to Lexington, KY and got more enjoyment of the horses. Rosemary was unable to get tickets to see the Triple Crown winning horse American Pharoah. We still enjoyed the horse farms we saw. Rosemary still hasnít put the photos online, but at least she now has started on the project.

While Rosemaryís life has been changing so much and so fast, I just keep trucking along. My biggest disappointment was the Trump victory in the presidential race. My only enjoyment is that I can honestly say "I told you so!" In the last century I wrote a book about the dangers of the "Southernization of the USA" bringing a possible fascist dictatorship in this country. In this century I wrote about how it is possible for a fascist to come to power in the country, arguing against an informal ban of ever talking about Hitler in relationship to American politics. I said the liberals were just too self-satisfied to see what is coming. But my writings were informally banned by our idiot liberals.

Itís funny and sad to see and hear the sad "mea culpa" songs the liberals are singing, about how they just ignored the poor rednecks. I have fought my whole life knowing just how deplorable these people can be. If anyone is to be apologizing, it should be the rednecks and their approval of American fascism.

We are planning trips out to Washington State and the Colorado Rockies. I want to sneak a third vacation in next year, but I will have to do some fast talking with Rosemary. September 10, 2017 will be our 50th wedding anniversary and I want to say we did something extra special in that year.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.