Bush Rejects of Checks and Balances of the Constitution for Political Advantage

Patrick Louis Cooney, Feb. 8, 2006


What a bunch of snakes in the grass these Republicans are.  What a bunch of demagogues, pandering to the worst in our electorate for political advantage.  I guess Karl Rove decided that this would be a good way to gain further political advantage and win the 2006 elections. 

And what a liar is our President Bush.  Typical of Republicans they never present the correct argument of their opposition.  The opposition wants Bush to admit that the president has to be bound by the constitution, to be bound by our system of checks and balances.  No one is saying that terrorist suspects cannot be monitored.  But do the Republicans care about the truth: NO.  They just keep repeating the absurdity that we have to do anything demanded by the terrorist situation we find ourselves in, thereby implying that the liberals are soft on terrorism. 

Bush is a semi-fascist.  He believes it is o.k. to reject our basic constitutional system of checks and balances in the name of his fight against terrorism.  He believes that he does not have to go through any type of court system to get permission to eavesdrop on people.  The situation he describes can easily be handled by the court system.  Everyone wants to track terrorists, but Bush pretends that the soft, bleeding heart liberals want to tolerate terrorism, not eradicate it.  This is sheer demagoguery and the Democrats are too afraid to say exactly what kind of fascism Bush is pushing these days. 

Bush acts as if the liberals are being unfair to him, that he, the good ol' boy, is just watching the terrorists  --  that he would never do anything in excess.  So why the need for the constitutional questions?  Bush rejects that there are any constitutional questions.  He is deliberately being thick-headed and framing the argument in a misleading way in order to say that he is our savoir from terrorism.   

Meanwhile, his wars and occupations of other countries has increased the hatred of the United States abroad, thereby increasing the danger of terrorism.  Bush is not "hard on terrorism", he is the great creator of terrorism. 

Look at what has happened recently with demonstrations worldwide among Muslims and in the Islamic countries.  And Bush believes he is actually making the situation better?  What chutzpah. A good question is how can Bush push democracy in the Islamic countries when he himself doesn't believe in it?   

What a semi-fascist party is the Republican party. 


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