Black Lives Matter



I started the Vernon Johns Society website because I saw the need for the creation of a new civil rights movement. Way back with the Nixon election I saw the white conservative backlash movement building up steam and tried to warn my friends and colleagues that the backlash was coming and that it represented an extremely dangerous threat to our nation. Working in the Jacksonville, Florida shipyards I had seen the extreme depth of the racial hatred of the white workers. I knew these guys were not going to stop pushing for a way to get back to their white-dominated racist society and government.

My white liberal friends just laughed at me, but these privileged whites hadnít experienced the racist world of the white worker as I had seen it. I knew these liberals were living in a dream world.

Very few people listened to me.

Nevertheless, a new civil rights movement has begun. It was none of my doing, although I did try. Rather, it was because the police in the United States are constantly and continually killing black people. And the courts were providing excuses for white citizens to stand their ground and kill black people too. It took all these killings for liberals to wake up and realize that the situation was way out of control and a new civil rights movement was needed.

I am pleased to see the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement. I knew that eventually the whites would go way too far and somebody would wake up and start protesting, but I had stopped writing political essays for awhile. I had somewhat given up my faith in the liberals ever waking up to the reality of the ever growing racist atmosphere in American society and government.

I hope the movement continues and grows stronger. Iíll keep supporting the Southern Poverty Law Center because at least I can see they are making some real progress in actually fighting racism.

I do have some comments about just how ugly the political situation has become for the country. This fellow Donald Trump is openly leading the racist forces of the Republican party. Personally, I am pleased at least to openly see and hear this blatant racism becoming so vociferous and obvious. This will help liberals wake up from their self-complacency. But just how wide open will they allow their eyes to go? They have not yet really warned of just how racist Trump and his followers are. They canít face just how much a failure their version of weak liberalism has been.

There is a silver lining because I know the racists are not giving up. They are going to keep pushing until they virtually ruin the country with their racist visions. At least, there is someone I can rely upon. They have never disappointed me.

I never liked that Trump fellow. Rich, spoiled, insecure, arrogant, opportunistic, nasty, but also helpful to help wake the liberals up a bit. Heís both a big threat and a blessing.

I donít think Trump can become the president, but I realize that is at least a possibility and I wouldnít rule it out entirely. Just how bad can the United States get? I bet it can get worse before it gets better.

So, Iím keeping myself somewhat calm and keep working, giving and hoping for the best, but not holding my breath.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

December 22, 2015