Antonin Scalia:  A Racist on the United States Supreme Court



If one rejects the liberal version of the explanation of racism, one is a racist. 

Antonin Scalia is a racist and a threat to our democracy. 

The man had the nerve to present the racist white men's explanation for racial injustice.  The white racists say that white people are the real minority now.  They are the ones who are criticized, the ones who liberals feel prejudice against and discriminate against.   The real "niggers", in other words, are the white men, white "niggers" if you will, and it is they who are discriminated against.  This is the worst of the racist theories offered by white and black racists to justify white supremacy.  They know the theories of minorities and their problems are very powerful explanations, so if you can't beat them, steal their theory and apply it to the white group.  The lie is that it's the poor white man who is the most picked-on of all the "minorities". 

These ideas are absolute crap, and yet Antonin Scalia has taken up the white man defense as his own.  Just like these idiot Republicans who talk about women and rape and say the most ridiculous and absolutely wrong things, men like Scalia have been totally misled by the racist crap published by and backed up by racist oral statements put out by the majority of white American males.

Antonin Scalia has exposed his racism by describing the legislation to protect people of color from being denied their right to vote as legislation that is just a "racial entitlement".   The man is a racist because he believes the racist propaganda that there there is virtually no prejudice and discrimination against people of color in the United States of America.  Only a racist could be such a fool.  Everyone with any compassion and intelligence knows that racism continues as the biggest problem facing the nation today, as it has always been.  I guess Scalia doesn't know any black people (except for Uncle Toms like Clarence Thomas).  The blacks I know today face tremendous racism and they are very willing to tell me, a white Irish-American, about it.  One of the poor fellows had all the white employees at a warehouse where he worked calling him over and over again, "nigger".  He had to quit in order to not go crazy. 

In fact, the white majority of the Supreme Court (and that includes want-to-be white-boy Clarence Thomas) is a racist group backing racist theories and pushing a racist agenda.  We are now in a Third Civil and these men fail to even know a war is going on.   It's just another Dred Scott court.   Racist Republicans started deliberately to choose close-minded white men (or a racist black man) with which to stack the court.  We have been in a period of conservative reaction that wants to get rid of the Civil Rights Legislation of the early 1960s. 

These men passing reactionary, racist decisions are despicable. 

Dear liberals, too afraid to call a racist a racist, are partly to blame for this racist Supreme Court because they didn't face what was really being promoted, that is, packing the court with white and black racists.  

Only racists can be as blind as Antonin Scalia.  He and his ilk are trying to make this nation a permanent, for-ever white dominated nation and he encourages the Republican plans to deny the vote to people of color. 

I wish more liberals would have the courage to say what I have said here.  But their just too scared.  And they are scared because this is a racist country. 



Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 

March 3, 2013

I as a white man am cheated in the vote by this racist crap put out by Scalia and others.  I don't want racism to dominate the USA anymore and I vote liberal.  But my vote isn't going to mean much if my allies, the blacks, Hispanics and women, are denied their right to vote.  Their right to vote is my right to vote and Scalia is personally trying to screw with me because he's screwing with them. 


In places like France and Germany a man can be put in jail for pushing racist propaganda, but not our Antonin Scalia.  He's free to spread his racism wherever he goes.