The Anti-Christs Are the Very People Who are So Proud of Their Evangelical Christianity




The Evangelical Christians are always looking for the anti-Christ/anti-Christians and they look to people on the political left as the source of this.

But the evangelicals don't really have anything in common with their Lord Jesus Christ.   Like Vernon Johns said, it's not that the Christians are opposed to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, but that they just let it slide.  But many of the evangelicals are opposed to the sprit of the Sermon on the Mount.   They would never even like a person like Jesus Christ with His philosophy of of caring for all of the less fortunate peoples of the world.  And they are very racist, a feeling which someone like Jesus Christ would completely reject.  You can't just love white people, but have to love all the different pigments of human beings. 

In fact, Jesus would say that you have to love everybody.  You have to love the browns and the blacks and the yellows and the reds, as well as the whites.  But the concept of having to love everybody not only includes different skin colors, but also peoples of different sexes, different ethnicities, different nationalities, different religions, different sexual orientations and different social classes.  But the close association of the evangelical religions with the hatred of people who are not like them, makes these religions Anti-Christ and Anti-Christianity. 

Evangelicals have no respect for the spirit of Jesus and his message of love and not hate.  In the United States most of these people are opposed to civil rights for minorities, opposed to the immigrants, especially the Mexicans, opposed to gays and lesbians and their concerns, and opposed to many more other groups not named here. 

Christians should criticize those who don't feel the spirit of true Christianity.  Their own terminology can easily be used to criticize them.  Vernon Johns would say that the Christians are always talking about Jesus on the Cross rather than Jesus on the Mount.  They talk about their own salvation via Jesus, while refusing to be real Christians in the spirit of Jesus Christ, rather than the Devil.  These evangelical Christians are not "good Christians" as emphasized by their own evangelical roots. 

In short, when the evangelical Christians look for the Anti-Christ, they should start looking amongst themselves.

The biggest concentration of American anti-Christians are found among the people in the Republican party, the traditionally racist southern/Confederate states and many rural areas, especially in the Mid-West. 

Many times I see Christian words and principles being used by evangelicals and Republicans to justify their racist, anti-Christian policies.  Personally, I often feel like screaming:  "You people are not morally superior to the non-evangelicals.  You are actually morally inferior precisely because you are racists, ethicists, homo-phobes, sexists, etc.  You don't love Jesus, you hate Him.  To you He's just another damn, misguided, bleeding-heart liberal."  In short, they use the name of the very kindly Jesus of Nazareth to justify their religions of pure hate. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

June 2, 2012